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Show Me Stewart: AMA Supercross more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/03/2014

By Paul Savage – TSM Editor  @PaulSavageNZ

The origin of the Missouri nickname the ‘Show me’ state goes way back to a phrase uttered by congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver once upon a time. As the story goes, it’s said to be a testament to the commonsensical, slightly skeptical and competitive attitude of the state’s residents observed by the congressman.

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Oh, Bubb-a! Stewart wins in Canada more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/26/2014

By Paul Savage – TSM Editor @PaulSavageNZ

A looming historical record, a varied & dangerous surface plus a series on the line – it wasn’t enough to slow down the Stewart juggernaut on the weekend in Toronto.

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Put Your Wheels Up For Detroit: AMA Supercross more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/20/2014

By TSM Editor Paul Savage @PaulSavageNZ

As James ‘Bubba’ Stewart racked up another AMA Supercross win on Saturday night, he also etched himself another place in the sport’s record books.

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AMA Supercross: Ken does Atlanta more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/23/2014

By Paul Savage @PaulSavageNZ – TSM Editor


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The Great Southern Trendkill – Bubba takes over Texas more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/18/2014

Winning his second race in as many weeks, James Stewart has done it again.

The three-time AMA Supercross champion is beginning to show once again the form and consistency that led him to victory in the 2006, 2007 and 2009 racing series last decade.

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Supercross: Bay Area Bonanza more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/28/2014

By Paul Savage, @PaulSavageNZ TSM Editor

 Sometime this week, Ryan Villopoto will pull up a seat, grab a cold can of Monster Energy, hoist his Kawasaki KX450F onto its stand and get to work – he can once again affix his bike with the red number plate.

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Supercross: Villopoto – Back Like a Diamondback more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/16/2014

By Paul Savage @PaulSavageNZ, TSM Editor


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Racing WildWood- The Brawl on the Beach more_>

by TSMgirl on 10/28/2013

Roller Coasters and Ferris Wheels created the backdrop this past weekend as TSM rolled into WildWood, NJ for The Brawl on the Beach.  Our Rider #535 Joey Peters went to battle in the sand for what turned out to be a great weekend.


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Jimmy Decotis – Vurb Classic On His CR 125 more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/29/2013

Last weekend at MX207 for the Scott Motosports Vurb Classic, legendary two-stroke rippa Jimmy Decotis took 1-1 scores on Saturday in the 125cc Madness class. While the first moto was a runaway, Pennsylvania’s Scott Meshey gave JimmyD a run for his money this entire second moto, eventually falling only corners before the checkered flag.


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TSM – Sikk Shades Utah National Race Report more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/20/2013

A few months back at the Muddy Creek National we met a kid named Nathen LaPorte. He was there trying to qualify on his personal ’13 KTM 250SX. He came to the TSM pits and introduced himself, I knew who he was from keeping an eye on his qualifying results from previous rounds. His bike was rough, so I offered him some spare parts we had. A short time later we had a spot open up on the team, I asked Nathen if he would like to ride for us.


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Unadilla Race Report – Two Strokin In NY more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/12/2013

It’s a strange world we live in. When you begin something new, you are never aware of what will happen as time goes by. In my case something to make my friends smile and hopefully laugh turned into a worldwide force of nature.


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Two Stroke Moto 1 at Loretta Lynns – Jerry Robin Takes the Win more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/01/2013

For those that don’t know, Jerry Robin qualified for Loretta’s on a 1985 CR 250. Since then he has gotten tons of support and made the trip to TN.


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TSM-Sikk Shades Race Report – Spring Creek more_>

by TSMgirl on 07/30/2013

Nathen LaPorte and Club950 rolled into Millville, MN Wednesday afternoon to prep for press day at Spring Creek MX.  Thursday was a perfect opportunity to get some practice laps under his belt, set up the bike’s suspension, and fine tune the jetting.  Nathen had a blast and we would like to thank MXsports for having him there.


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TSM Takes on Canada – CMRC Sand Del Lee Race Report more_>

by TSMgirl on 07/23/2013

A few things you should know about Canada CMRCPro

1. You will never meet nicer people.  From the time we entered the country till the time we left, everyone was polite and helpful.

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RED BUD!!! – TSM – Sikk Shades Race Report And News more_>

by TSMgirl on 07/11/2013

RED BUD!! The countdown for Red Bud begins the moment the final motos end the previous year. We drudge through the cold winters and wet spring with anticipation of this, 4th of July weekend race.  Being our first attendance of Red Bud, the masses of motocross fans that congregate at this round was definitely a sight to see.  The sea of people, the stir of excitement, the sound of 2strokes every so often pinging the ear…THIS IS RED BUD.

A new sound.. Along with the typical “RedBud!!” screams you hear all weekend, there was plenty of “Two-Stroke!!” screams filling the air. We love the huge support we receive from the fans at every race we attend!

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Two Stroke Motocross – Budds Creek Race Report more_>

by TSMgirl on 06/24/2013

Budds Creek was…an experience. We are grateful for the good, and we learn from the bad.

We are grateful to have such wonderful support from our sponsors, our crew, our families, and our friends. None of this would be possible with out all the people involved.

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TSM Race Report – High Point MX more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/10/2013

High Point was rough.  It had been raining earlier in the week and Saturday started cloudy and dismal. The track was muddy with little traction making it difficult to maneuver.

This was Nathen LaPorte’s, #950, first run at High Point and he started the day out optimistic and feeling confident after trackwalk. The track proved to be deceiving as many riders went down in the wet slop making qualifying hard on our rookie rider. LaPorte’s best lap time was 2:36 and he qualified 58th.

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Red Bull X-Fighters – Taka Wins In Japan more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/04/2013

The Outdoor Motocross series in the United States isn’t the only place where the mighty two-stroke is flying high.

X-Games gold medalist Taka Higashino won the Osaka leg of the Red Bull X-Fighters in his country of origin.

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Two Stroke Motocross At Muddy Creek National – The Ups And Downs more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/03/2013

It was a tough weekend for the Two Stroke Motocross – Sikk Shades team at the Muddy Creek National. The first round came up on us quick, some back ordered parts, shipping delays and a few other issues made it come down the last-minute. Smith and Sottile weren’t comfortable with limited time on the bikes, so they did not race. Sottile did run his 450, but did not qualify due to mechanical failure.


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Courtney Duncan Wins Hangtown On Her YZ 125 – Women’s MX Triple Crown more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/20/2013

Courtney Duncan, riding out of New Zealand, made a big impact in the 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Women’s Triple Crown season opener, winning both Moto 1 and Moto 2, each by a commanding margin. Adding to Duncan’s remarkable performance is the fact that she pilots a Yamaha YZ 125 Two-Stroke. In Moto 1, Team Honda’s Sayaka Kaneshiro finished second, followed by MTF’s Mackenzie Tricker in third.

Duncan layed down the law on her 125 against a full field of 250F’s

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King Ryan III: Villopoto Wins The Championship more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/30/2013

On Saturday night, Ryan Villopoto won his third AMA Supercross Series championship in a row.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki superstar entered the exclusive club of only four riders in history to achieve that feat – the others being Bob Hannah, Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael.

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X-Games Moto Action: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/28/2013

The two-stroke engine revved loudly and proudly in the Moto events at the first X-Games of the year.

From the traditional crowd-pleasing Freestyle competition to the normally four-stroke dominated Step-Up event, it was all about the Reed Valve in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

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Just In Time – Barcia Wins Seattle more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/22/2013

The western side of the United States has been good to Justin Barcia.


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Kale Makeham Takes 3rd in MX2 On His KTM 250SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/20/2013

Kale Makeham made his dream a reality at Raymond Terrace’s season opening round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals, earning himself an impressive podium finish on debut in the MX2 class.


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Minnesota Supercross – Dungey Rules The Roost more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/15/2013


The title says it all – Ryan Dungey came to Minnesota as a local hero and left as the winner on the night.

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Lone Star, One Man: Supercross Round XIII more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/08/2013

In his second outing in Texas this year, Ryan Villopoto has done it again.


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Villo Does Canada – Toronto SX Recap more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/25/2013

Not even an international border can keep Ryan Villopoto off the Supercross podium, it would appear.


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Indiana SX – Clash Of The Titans more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/18/2013

Ryan Villopoto tightened his grip on the points table on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana, snatching another Main Event win.


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Daytona 450 – Villo out in front more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/11/2013

Daytona International Speedway, Florida. Home to the annual Supercross event renowned for its fierce competition, rough courses and superstar visitors.


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AMA Supercross Round 7 – Arlington, TX more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/18/2013

In the Lone Star State, they don’t do things by halves. They do things big. The opening race of the East Coast AMA Monster Energy Supercross regional series was no exception to that rule.


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Davi Millsaps – The Wildest In The West more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/11/2013

As this year’s West Coast Supercross faded out on song, a new winner powered in: Davi Millsaps.


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Anaheim 3 – A Wing And A Prayer more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/04/2013

In what was a record-breaking night of success for KTM, Red Bull rider Ryan Dungey topped the podium at Angel Stadium at the weekend to win the Main Event.


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Villopoto Makes It Two In A Row more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/28/2013

They say in sports you should never write off the champion. At the stadium on the weekend, Ryan Villopoto showed everyone why the saying never dies.


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Anaheim 2: The Empire Strikes Back more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/21/2013

Last year’s Supercross champion Ryan Villopoto climbed back to the top spot again on the weekend, winning his first 450 main event race of the season in Anaheim, California.


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AMA Supercross – Round Two: Redemption more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/14/2013

450SX class newbie Justin Barcia clutched his first AMA Supercross win on Saturday at Chase Field, Arizona in the second race of the season.

Following up from a very successful Monster Energy Cup day last year in Las Vegas, Barcia came to Arizona with a goal in his sights – redemption – from his late lap crash in California the previous week.

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Davi Millsaps – Anaheim Won more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/07/2013

Davi Millsaps takes the W at A1.


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Sea To Sky 2012 – Jarvis Defends The Title On His Husaberg 300 more_>

by Charles Owens on 11/01/2012

Red Bull Sea to Sky – Olympus Mountain Race

Husaberg’s Graham Jarvis scaled the summit of the Olympus Mountain in Kemer, Turkey to win the Red Bull Sea to Sky race. KTM’s Jonny Walker and Paul Bolton finishing second and third respectively, ensuring Great Britain locked out the podium.

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2012 Monster Energy Cup Recap – Monster Keeps The Million more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/21/2012

Barcia wins the Monster Energy Cup

Austin Forkner beats Chase Sexton for the SuperMini win on his KX

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2012 2 Stroke Shootout Results and Photo Gallery more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/04/2012

The 2012 Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout was the place to be. With over 300 entries, a $7,000 purse and tons of support from the sponsors it turned out to be a great weekend! The 3rd annual 2 Stroke Shootout is scheduled for September 21st and 22nd 2013 at Sleepy Hollow, see you there!

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TSM Video: Jeremy Wendelken #72 Wins the 250A Overall – VMP MAMA Series 2013 KTM 250SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/13/2012

Jeremy Wendelken raced the Mid Atlantic Motocross Association (MAMA) race at Virginia Motorsports Park yesterday. He was on a borrowed 2013 KTM 250SX, no mods, or even graphics. He went 2-1 to take the overall in 250A.

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WMX Ryann Stacy #70 Finishes 12th Overall at Southwick on her KTM 125SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/13/2012

Ryann Stacy raced her KTM 125SX in the Women’s class at Southwick this weekend.

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Renners Ride at Red Bud! Results and Media more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/08/2012

Ricky Renner went against all odds Saturday and entered his ’09 YZ 125 in the 250 class.

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Doug Lampkin Takes 2nd Place at the 2012 Erzberg Rodeo on his Gas Gas 300 more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/11/2012

The Gas Gas rider stood on the threshold of victory in the final Red Bull Hare Scramble, having earned his third consecutive podium finish.

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TSM’s Ryan Blizzard and Brennen Weindel – MAMA Pro-Am at VMP more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/14/2012

We spent Sunday (5/13) at Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, VA. We were there supporting our Pro Rider, Ryan Blizzard #340 and our B rider Brennen Weindel.

Brennen came down from PA, did his thing on the RM 250 and took home a 3rd Overall in Open B. Congrats Brennen!

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TSM/BTO supported Ricky Renner #532 “A Sweet New Orleans Jazz Solo” more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/16/2012

The fans in New Orleans got a treat Saturday Night, the sound and smell of premix coming from Renner’s YZ. It may have been missed by a few, but it was noticed by many more.

When Renner got the the dome he was immediately told that AMA Tech wanted to check his bike out, they tagged it for a post race inspection.

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Jake Oswald’s YZ 250 at Houston Supercross more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/31/2012

Our friend Ethan Bulls was roaming the pit’s this afternoon in Houston, what did he come across?

Jake Oswald has a race ready YZ 250 sitting in the pit’s. Is he racing it? We don’t think so. He was practicing on a Honda 450.

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125cc Two Stroke Enduro on Top MX-GP level in France more_>

by Crooijmans on 03/01/2012

During the annual International Season Openings Motocross in Valence France, French Enduro- and former MX1 works-Kawasaki rider Antoine Meo showed the world again what’s still possible with two strokes.

 Antoine was already aware of what is possible because he already was the last rider to score WorldChampionship points when he stole the last points of the year aboard a 125cc Husqvarna in the Italian GP. That wass until again in the final and Italian GP last year top star Ken Roczen gave a superb demonstration of a two-stroke, riding his works SXS 125cc KTM into top5 positions among the 250cc works 4strokes.

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2011 Mini O’s Live Timing and Scoring more_>

by Charles Owens on 11/21/2011

Schedule of Events:

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Cervantes touches another absolute triumph in Galicia – Gas Gas Race Results more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/10/2011

Despite its great performance, finished second in the E2 class and at the Scratch.  A fall prevented Jordi Figueras fight for the podium at E3.
The town of Becerreá (Lugo) has been able to enjoy this weekend of a new show of Ivan Cervantes in his struggle to achieve an absolute victory in the Enduro Spanish Championship. The Gas Gas rider was the only one capable of facing and overcoming the general classification leader, Cristobal Guerrero, but eventually had to cede the top spot of the podium in E2 and the Scratch.

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North American Two Stroke Championship (NATSC) Race Recap more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/22/2011

On September 16th – 18th  Sleepy Hollow MX Park in Frederickburg, PA held the 1st annual North American Two Stroke Championships.

The weekend started for TSM upon arrival late Thursday night. After setting up camp, we decided on  a track walk. What did we find?

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Husqvarna Defends World 2-Stroke Championship Title more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/01/2011

March 31, 2011 – Corona, CA - Husqvarna believes in the legacy of 2-strokes and will be returning to the World 2-Stroke Championships this weekend with the #1 plate. Look for both #1 Bobby Garrison and #99 Jamie Lanza aboard identical Zip-Ty Racing prepped WR300s to defend Husky’s heritage during the MTA World 2-Stroke Championships to be held at Glen Helen Raceway on Sunday, April 3rd. In addition to going for the glory, the $4,500 purse should provide plenty of incentive for top pros to park their 4-strokes in favor of burning some castor bean oil this weekend!

Garrison on his way to winning the 2010 2-Stroke World Championships.

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by JohnNicholas on 11/08/2010

The third round of the Supercross European Championship was held yesterday, Saturday the 6th of November, in front of a public 100.000 people, crowded around the track of EICMA Moto Live in Milan (Italy).

In the first heat of SX1 class the victory went to French Cedric Soubeyras (KTM), who started behind, but demonstrated to be the strongest today by winning the race in front of French Fabien Izoird (Suzuki) and French Cyrille Coulon (Suzuki). The second heat was strongly fought with final victory going to French Gregory Aranda (Kawasaki) in front of French Kounsith Vongsana (KTM) and the overall winner of the day Cedric Soubeyras. In the SX2 class the victory went to Italian Samuele Bernardini (KTM) in front of Italian Simone Zecchina (Suzuki) and Swiss Killian Aubeson (KTM). In Milan was held also the second round of the SX Rookie Championship with the dominance of French riders and the victory of the French Dan Houzet (KTM).

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Round 3 – Super X Report – Launceston, Tasmania more_>

by SwapperMX on 11/08/2010

Once again a cool and wet afternoon greeted riders and fans for the third round of Super X in Launceston, Tasmania. The night started off with another first, with a team relay event that pitted Australia’s best riders against the USA’s best riders. Each rider completed two laps, and had to tag the next rider, who then went flat out for two laps. Team Australia got out of blocks well and lead the event for the first eight laps, with some great rides from Jake and Matt Moss, Tye Simmonds and Jay Marmont. It wasn’t until the last round where Kevin Windham made time on Daniel Reardon and was able to make a pass stick through a rhythm section to give Team USA the win. A great idea that gave some great battles, and another different format of racing.

Once again the one on one eliminator for the number one gate choice provided some great racing, with some big moves on a track that gave riders plenty of line choices. A big talking point was the move Mike Alessi put on Jake Moss. Alessi rode straight at Moss coming into a corner and there was big contact, but Jake still managed to hang on for the victory. Once again it came down to a battle between Windham and Brayton for the number one gate pick, with Brayton leading up until the second last corner, when he washed the front on the entry to the corner and Windham was able to ride past him to the victory.

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Round 2 – Super X Report – Canberra more_>

by SwapperMX on 10/26/2010

A cold and wet afternoon greeted the riders and fans alike for the second round of the Super X in Canberra. A technical, slippery track was very hard to handle for the riders in practice and timed qualifying, with some spectacular crashes, alongside some very competitive lap times. The two stroke riders of Robbie Marshall and Kim Ashkenazi did very well in timed qualifying considering the conditions, and at one stage were second and third in their group qualifying, and easily made it though to the night heat races.

Canberra Super X Track

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Jerry Kopoian and the TM250 Two-Stroke continue their winning ways more_>

by JohnNicholas on 10/22/2010

The TM Racing Team and Jerry Kopoian continue their winning ways at the Monster Energy Sponsor Cup and AMA Gold Cup Nationals in Dade City, Florida. The team received their new machine on Wednesday, a TM 250 MX two-stroke!

The arrival schedule allowed very little time to get the machine ready for the race, but Jerry was able to get in a little testing on the TM250. After a short introduction to the bike, Jerry was piloting the bike around the track at amazing speeds. He said this when he got off the bike, “Man, this thing is fast!”

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Round 1 – Super X Report more_>

by SwapperMX on 10/18/2010

The first round of the Super X in Newcastle blasted off on Saturday night to a crowd of 12,500. The event was broadcast live on Fox in Australia.

The track was fairly tight but looked great, and attracted a big crowd. The average lap time was about 41 seconds, but Chad Reed and Justin Brayton were down running in the mid 38 second times. There was some great racing, with some different formats again this year, with the 450 class running one on one, single lap sprint races to decide qualifying position for the 8 fastest 450 riders from the afternoon heats. The Josh Hansen v Chad Reed race was amazingly tight and made for a great start to the night.

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Vets MXDN Farleigh – Photo Report more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/24/2010

September 18/19 at Farleigh Castle was the scene of the Vets MXDN (Motocross Dirt Nationals). This vintage event draws racers and fans form all of England. There were quite a few well-known racers from the past that showed up to mingle or participate.

There is a DVD of the race that will be available in October, please check this web site for details.

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Jordi Tixier – The 2010 UEM EMX 125 European Champion more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/13/2010

LOKET (CZECH REPUBLIC), 8 August 2010 – With the 2010 season being one of novelties, both the brand new UEM EMX 125 series and its eventual Champion Jordi Tixier raised interest around the sport of Motocross. The series dedicated the 125cc two stroke machines has unveiled to be a solid base of talents for the future of the sport, with this year’s winner Tixier of France probably heading to MX2 Grand Prix racing in his future.

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TGM makes comeback in UEM EMX 125 series more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/13/2010

After presenting their first ever Motocross bike in Milano, Italy, in 1974, the historic Italian brand TGM came back to racing this weekend at Fermo after a long absence. The brand, which was recently acquired by a group of passionate Italians, lined up a prototype machine in this final round of the UEM EMX 125 series which was handed to former European Champion Tim Gajser of Slovenia.This prototype was entirely made with Italian parts, except for the FOX suspensions. The 125cc engine is made by TM like the frame of the machine, even though the latter is was slightly modified.

Photo: (from left to right) Torri, Gajser, Lazzari

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Christian Weiss Wins the International German Cross Country Championship on a TM 300 more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/08/2010

Schefflenz, Germany September 4, 2010 – Christen Weiss was able to win the Cross Country Championship for the second year in a row on his TM 300 two-stroke.

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2010 Unadilla 2 Stroke Challenge more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/01/2010

Some photos from the Unadilla 2 Stroke Challenge held on August 14th, on the same day as the Pro National motocross race.

The following video was shot and edited by Paul Sanders of IV Films.

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Taddy Blazusiak wins Indy EnduroCross on Two Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/29/2010

Indianapolis, IN (August 27, 2010) – Round three of the GEICO AMA EnduroCross series presented by E3 Sparkplugs made its inaugural visit to Indianapolis Indiana on Friday night to kick off the MotoGP weekend. The vocal contingent of European fans got to witness one of their own take the win as Taddy Blazusiak showed off his amazing talent.

The Polish KTM rider battled early with Mike Brown and had pressure from Geoff Aaron but proved to be the only rider to avoid serious mistakes and slowly left the other riders behind. The battle for the final podium spots was amazing as no fewer than six riders battled hard for the positions. In the end, GEICO backed Kyle Redmond took second for his first ever EnduroCross podium. The California rider has been the top American at Extreme Enduro events such as Erzeberg and Romaniacs multiple times and finally made his skills pay off on the intense EnduroCross course. He was joined by another first time podium finisher as RPM KTM backed Kevin Rookstool, a journeyman motocross racer that has made all three main events this season stole the position from some established stars.

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Cobra sweeps 50cc titles at Loretta’s – add company’s first-ever 65cc podium more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/10/2010

HILLSDALE, Mich., (Aug. 10, 2010) – The big news out of Hurricane Mills, Tenn., this past week was Cobra Motorcycles sweeping all of the 50cc titles at the 29th running of the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, presented by AMSOIL, at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

But possibly the biggest news for Cobra as a company was the CX65’s first-ever 65cc overall podium at Loretta’s with Illinois’ Chase Sexton bringing home a 3rd place finish in the 7-11 Modified class, going 6th/3rd/5th.

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Cobra riders dominate the mini cycle podiums at NMA Ponca City National more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/09/2010

HILLSDALE, Mich., (Aug. 3, 2010) – Cobra mini cycle racers stepped up and swept the entire Jr. and Sr. 50cc Stock and Modified class podiums at the  NMA’s biggest race of the season – the 2010 Ponca City Grand National this past week/weekend.

Aboard the American-made King 50s, CXJRs and CX65s, Cobra racers accounted for five titles – including an incredible 1st place run by Utah’s Pierce Brown to win the overall Super Pee Wee 6-9 title at, get this, seven-years-old!

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Loretta Lynn Winner – Luke Renzland more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/09/2010

Two Stroke machines continue to make headway during the Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals in Tennessee.

Luke Renzland from New Jersey put his Yamaha YZ250 into the winners circle in two classes. His win in the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) showed Luke’s riding skill and ability on the slippery track.

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Taddy Blazusiak Opens 2010 GEICO EnduroCross Series with a win in Las Vegas! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/20/2010

Two Stroke Machines finish 1st and 2nd!

Las Vegas, NV (July 17, 2010) – Taddy Blazusiak, the defending EnduroCross champion rode his Red Bull KTM to a hard fought victory over Geico, Christini backed Geoff Aaron. Zip Ty Husqvarna mounted Cory Graffunder came out on top of a dog fight for the final podium spot over FMF KTM’s Mike Brown and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Justin Soule.

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MotocrossQué 2stroke Fest more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/09/2010

It is under perfect skies that took place the first annual MotocrossQué 2stroke Fest. About 40 2 stroke motocross fans from across the province of Quebec, Canada got together last week end on the picturesque circuit of St-Marcel de l’Islet. We were there to cover the event and report to those who could not be there.

The most anxious arrived early Friday afternoon. A cozy village built up around a central fire place. As usual with’s Ride Days, the party and no-pressure atmosphere brought smiles on the lips of everybody involved, regardless of their skill level on the track.

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Mike Sleeter attempts to Qualify for Hangtown National on a Two-Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/31/2010

While this in nearly a week late.. it’s important news for the two-stroke fans. KTM test rider/Pro Racer Mike Sleeter attempted to qualify for the opening round of the AMA Pro Motocross Series at Hangtown.

Here is Micheal’s qualifying time

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Strong Results for Two-Strokes in MX-GP’s more_>

by Crooijmans on 05/05/2010

Second KTM SX250-rider also succesfull in MX1-GP.

The Netherlands, May 05 2010.

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Berry draws First Blood on standard 250 M.M.X. more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/04/2010

Whilst a family bereavement has caused its fair share of emotional turmoil for Vincent Page and Lesley White over the last week their hard-core Dunlop Maxima rider Neil Berry brought smiles to their faces over the bank holiday weekend taking a very credible 4th place overall in the O.R.P.A. two day British Championship.

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Cobras sizzle at the Mini GPs – sweep entire 50cc podiums, add two more podos on 65s more_>

by JohnNicholas on 04/19/2010

Led by California’s Robertson, Georgia’s Linville and Missouri’s Forkner, Cobra’s again the top mini factory @ NMA GP event

HILLSDALE, Mich., (April 19, 2010) – In sweeping both the 50cc PW Through 6 and PW 7-8 stock and modified podiums, along with placing a rider on the podium in the 9-11 Jr. Cycle (65cc) modified and Open Through 11 classes and atop the podium in the 6-9 Super Pee Wee class, the American-made Cobra Motorcycles again laid claim to the top mini cycle manufacturer at the NMA’s Mini World Grand Prix held this past weekend in Mesquite, Nev. (formerly the Vegas Mini GPs).

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UEM Motocross European Championships – Italy April 11 more_>

by JohnNicholas on 04/12/2010

The opening round of the UEM European Championships held on 125cc machines was a complete success on many levels. According to an FIM Press Release there were a total of 66 entries for this class, significantly more than any other class for the weekend, this includes the MX1 and MX2 classes! It seems that there is a great deal of interest in the 125cc two-stroke.

Here are a couple of brief, but fun videos from the event.

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Fuchs Silkolene 2 Stroke British Championship – Round One, Foxhill Moto Park more_>

by Paul Harris on 03/26/2010

The vast package of races that is the Red Bull Pro Nationals made their 2010 bow at former des Nations and Grand Prix circuit Foxhill Moto Park on the 14th of March – the supporting Fuchs Silkolene 2 Stroke British Championships ran the Open class on Saturday which saw James Noble sweep imperiously to a trio of wins aboard the steel framed Honda CR500. Behind him, some typically frenetic 2 stroke racing saw a frantic four-way battle for the podium with Stuart Edmonds coming out on top ahead of reigning champion Mark Eastwood, Nathan Parker and Dave Willett, a welcome sight after the series stalwart‘s lengthy absence last year with a serious knee injury – Willet would lose out on victory in the final moto by less than a tenth of a second to Noble, so that knee must be fairly well healed…

Dave Willett surfs his YZ to victory.

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James Dunn Races RM125 against 250F’s in MXY2 Championship more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/26/2010

Team Suzuki GB Youth rider, James Dunn, waved the two-stroke flag in true style once again at the weekend, as the Suzuki RM125 rider battled against a field of 250cc four-stroke riders, to finish round two of the MXY2 championship held at Mallory Park in Leicestershire in a great sixth place overall.

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Shane Watts wins Steele Creek GNCC on whisper-quiet Two-Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/25/2010

This press release was discovered by an eagle-eyed two-stroke fan from Brazil. Thanks Edward!

Please note that it barely mentions that Shane was on a two-stroke 200 with a “DB Snorkel”. Also that he finished ahead of a Suzuki RMZ-450 four-stroke. So not only was Shane’s bike a two-stroke, but it was world’s quieter than any of the competition. This is super important in today’s environment where noise has become a huge challenge for motorcyclists world-wide.

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Cobra mini bikes buzz Texas, lock down all the top 50cc podium spots more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/24/2010

Photos courtesy of Motoplayground

HILLSDALE, Mich., (March 24, 2010) – Kids on Cobra motorcycles continued to run up the big numbers synonymous with Cobra’s stellar racing heritage, this past two weeks sweeping every one of the 50cc class titles and adding podiums on the only American-made 65 as the kids took big steps towards becoming future pro motocross racers.

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Broc Hepler on a YZ250 two-stroke March 20 & 21 more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/22/2010

Looks like another Pro racer has “switched” to the two-stroke. This past weekend Broc Hepler showed up at a local indoor and outdoor track to race around on a YZ250.

Kind of interesting that he would choose a two-stroke, when all the world seems to be four-stroke “crazy”!

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Hawkstone International more_>

by James Palmer on 03/11/2010

Thousands of fans and enthusiasts flocked to the 13th annual running of the famous Hawkstone International. While many spectators would have expected the dull, relentless hum of four-strokes boring their ears, watchers were pleasantly surprised to find a few riders keeping the sweet sound of a two stroke in the air.

The sun-kissed track enjoyed a short break from the recent terrible weather and was therefore in perfect condition – rutting up where needed and staying smooth where not. The line up for MX1 saw 4 riders, Micheal Hughes, Daniel Arnold, Barry Turnbull and Danny Blakeley, mounting 250 stokers against the mighty 450. Both Daniel Arnold and Barry Turnball qualified high enough to make it into the Open/MX1 race. With the sun shining the riders lined the gate for the opening MX1 race. Aboard his Honda 250 Daniel managed a respectable 26th place with Barry Turnball placing in 29th.

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Jason Thomas puts Two-stroke on top of podium in Parts Unlimited River Ranch GNCC more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/03/2010

Lake Wales, Florida (March 2nd, 2010) In the XC2 division, Jason “UK7? Thomas took advantage of the new rule, which allows 250 two-strokes to compete with 250 four-strokes in the Lites class this year, riding a Monster Energy/FAR Racing/ Andrews Cycles-backed YZ250 two-stroke to a first place finish in the division.

Last year’s champ Factory FMF/KTM Off-Road’s Kailub Russell went down in the first turn, but recovered to finish third, despite tearing the skin off his hand on the choppy course.

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Cedric Soubeyras is the King of Geneva ! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/07/2009

For the second time in as many weeks we find a two stroke motocross bike at the top of the standings in a high-profile race. Cedric Soubeyras wins the overall at the two-day Geneva Supercross on his KTM 250SX.

This is fantastic news for fans of two-strokes. Hopefully it is just the start of more to come.

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Gordon Crockard pilots Hybrid KX250 to NEC Supercross Win more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/04/2009

The four round Future West Supercross series kicked off at NEC last weekend in Burmingham, England.

The two stroke faithful have a new champion to cheer for in Gordon Crockard. He was mounted on a super-hybrid 2010 KXF250 chassised, KX 250 engined two stroke to a win in the Open Pro Class and a second in the International Pro Open Class. The competition in the International class was pretty stiff with Mike Brown, Zach Osborne, Colton Facciotti, Ben Lamay and Ryan Blizzard.

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Chris Birch on Two Stroke KTM 300 Finishes First in Roof of Africa Enduro more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/01/2009

After yesterday’s soul destroying 10-hour session of extreme enduro riding, today followed suit seeing the front running competitors having another almost ten-hour day on a shortened route starting at 06:00 this morning, with the first man home at 15:40. “This is by far the toughest race I have ever done,” commented New Zealand’s Rory Mead, who finished second overall in his maiden race on a 250cc Yamaha, behind his countrymen and defending champion Chris Birch.

Chris Birch on his KTM300. Photo by - Hubert Stanka

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Taddy Blazusiak Wins 2009 Endurocross Title on Two Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 10/28/2009

Congratulation to Taddy Blazusiak on clinching the 2009 Endurocross Championship.

Blazusiak, is arguably the world’s top “Extreme Enduro” rider in the world right now. With this win in Denver, CO he claimed the championship with one round remaining. The series finale in Las Vegas. Taddy also has the opportunity to win the triple crown prize of $50,000. if he were to win in Vegas.

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2009 BYMX Championship – 85cc BW Champ Ryan Houghton more_>

by Chris Barker on 09/30/2009

The 2009 BYMX Championship in the UK saw some terrific battles and title chases, none more spectacular than the 85bw class. This class now has some exotic and expensive 150f machines powering around the circuits, but it was the 85cc KTM of Ryan Houghton that took a very deserved Championship win.

Ryan battled his way all season against the 4st’s with some supurb racing and dogged performance’s knowing he could take the crown although he was outgunned. His ”Danger UK KTM” squad arrived at the very first round with high expectation’s as Ryan enjoys the sand at the Mildenhal venue, Ryan had his 85 pinned everywhere and took moto wins and his first overall victory of the season, surprising plenty of people who thought the 4st exotica would walk away with the glory.

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Jim Davies crowned 2009 British 125 Two Stroke Champion more_>

by Paul Harris on 09/17/2009

TM UK’s Jim Davies survived an incident-packed meeting at Wakes Colne on Sunday to seal the 2009 Fuchs Silkolene British 125 championship. A regular in the series since its first incarnation back in 2005, Jim took third overall on the day, which was enough to clinch the title with a round remaining – “I had a few problems on the day”, he said. “It never goes too smoothly! In the first moto, I backed off going into the first corner as I didn’t want to hit anyone or fall off, but I was way too cautious! I rode steady for the first half of the moto, then started to pull through and got sixth. “

Davies railing a hard-packed berm.

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Chiara Fontanesi finishes 2nd Overall at Lierop WMX more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/08/2009

Yamaha 3C Racing Team Chiara Fontanesi, piloted her YZ125 two-stroke to a first moto win and a second overall at the Holland Round of the WMX Seris.

The 15 year-old Italian teenager chose to race a YZ125 in order to make the transition easier from the previous years 85cc machines. So in the deep sand she competed against the top women motocross racers in the world who were mounted on 250F machines.

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Neil Nails top step of the podium in Holland. more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/08/2009

Maico international’s Dunlop Maxima rider Neil Berry put his 320 Maico on the top step of the podium last weekend winning the Haan Wheels sponsored Benelux cup at the popular Den Dungen circuit in Holland.

With their attention focussed on development projects Berry and the team have been a little absent from the results sheets over the last couple of months, but signed off this years European race schedule in fine style on Saturday the 5th of September with a superb second place overall in the meeting, which, combined with previous results was enough to clinch the Benelux title.

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Cobra mini quad racers dominate ATVA National Championships @ Loretta Lynn’s Ranch! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/28/2009

Cobra’s Corey Heath, Alex Symborski, Bret Musick and Chase Horton all win 12-round overall ATVA production class national series titles

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FMF 2 Stroke Invitational – Unadilla Edition more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/17/2009

The silence of the morning mist was shattered by the bark of two-stroke engines coming to life. The smell of pre-mix filled the air and the braap of engines echoed through the hills of Unadilla. Years melted away.

Jimmy "The Jammer" Weinert waiting for the fog to lift and practice to begin.

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Grant Langston races YZ125 at 2009 Surfercross more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/13/2009

The use of two-strokes by former National champions seems to be growing. When so many people are talking about the demise of the two-stroke, they show up unexpectedly.

When Grant Langston decided to compete in the 2009 Surfercross, he chose to race a YZ125 two-stroke. While we can speculate for days about why he decided to use a two-stroke, the fact is he did.

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YZ125 Two-Stroke beats a field of 2010 YZ250F Yamaha’s at REM at Glen Helen more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/11/2009

The MXA coverage of this local race was in part because many of the magazines began testing the new 2010 motocross bikes. Racers from Motocross Action, Dirt Bike and Dirt Rider all competed in the event switching racing back-to-back motos on the new 2010 CRF25o and YZ250F.

This enables the magazines to get feedback from racers of all skills levels in racing conditions.

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Joey Rossi poised to podium at Amateur National Motocross Championships more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/28/2009

Orlando, Florida, July 27, 2009 – In just one week, pro motocross racer, Joey Rossi is poised to take the podium in both the 250A and 250A Pro-Sport classes at the 2009 Air Nautiques/AMA Amateur National from Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Originally from San Diego, California, Joey “AT&T” Rossi, 19, is a respected A-class professional motocross racer whose latest credentials includes four (4), first place wins at the Freestone South Central Amateur Regional as well as a second place finish against forty three other A-class riders at the ultra-competitive Mill Creek Regional Qualifier. Having quickly worked his way up the ranks with top ten finishes from the Novice to the Pro Class, this will be Joey’s fourth and last time racing at the Amateur Nationals. In early 2010, Joey will be competing at the Pro Level in both the Monster Supercross Series and Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships.

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FMF 2 Stroke Invitational – Spring Creek Edition more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/21/2009

The second round of the FMF Two Stroke Invitational lacked the Superstar power of the first race at Red Bud and the racer turnout was pretty low. The question is why did so few chose to race this event?

Could it be the last minute change at Red Bud to return the local pros entry fees and turn the race into a “Legends” event? (disappointment?) Or could it be that some were afraid to be on the same track as RC or other top motocross rider? (fear?)

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Belgium International Maico Cup more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/13/2009

Taking on a European flavour for a couple of days Maico International travelled to Belgium last weekend following an invitation to race in the Belgium International Maico Cup.

With Maico Keith Ree unable to attend the meeting the burden of responsibility fell on the shoulders of the tenacious Dunlop Maxima rider Neil Berry, to represent the distributors on the start gate. Held at the popular Pulderboss circuit the venue has been hosting international race meetings for the last 54 years and features a curious mix of fast flowing straights and jumps, combined with a sandy wooded section which ruts up quickly, before moving back out into a twisty section of bends and jumps.

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FMF 2 Stroke Invitational – Red Bud Edition more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/06/2009

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know the winner of the race held on July 4th in Red Bud. Ricky Carmichael. Was there any doubt?

What’s hard to believe is how little information there is about this race in any of the mainstream media. Sure it’s not a part of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championships and the bikes are not the ones that the manufacturers are currently selling (with the exception of Yamaha and KTM).

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Brrraaappp!!! Two-strokes fire up once again @ Monster Energy RedBud MX National! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 07/01/2009

Carmichael, Stanton & Emig head up a field including Michigan Mafia greats in this all-two-stroke gate exhibition race @ RedBud July 4th

Check out this video of Jeff Stanton blasting around the Red Bud track on his Honda CR250 two stroke.

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Dunn on the run – Whitby Race Report – Round #5 more_>

by Paul Harris on 06/25/2009

The Fuchs Silkolene British 2 Stroke Championship went up north for round five of the world’s leading two-stroke only series – as always, preparation of the jumpy Yorkshire circuit was perfect, and an overcast morning burning off into a glorious sunny afternoon was just the icing on the cake.

Two Stroke Racing action under the Red Bull banner

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Maico lays down the Gauntlet more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/07/2009

With the traditional May Bank holiday weekend providing some varied and interesting Race results up and down the U.K. Maico provided a rather interesting result of their own as Neil Berry took on the 500 two stroke class in the O.R.P.A. British Clubmans Championship……on a 320!

Having only had three hours on the bike, Maico Internationals, Dunlop Maxima rider arrived at the well graded Horsham circuit on Sunday morning as the “underdog” being 180cc short of every other machine he was preparing to do battle with.

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Ryan Houghton – British Youth Motocross Championships from Scotland more_>

by Chris Barker on 04/29/2009

Here in the UK we still have a band of 85cc racers willing and able to put it over on the larger engined 150f bikes, they’re not all like lemmings we’re pleased to say and these young guns can still ride a mx bike properly and with style.  Big Wheel 85 racing continues to generate some of the best racing at National level and the 4st has not sucked every young pilot into its clutches, as some realize that there’s more to racing than buying a fast lap on a bigger bike, and with 2st’s making their way back to National and soon World level, these guys know they have to stay sharp and learn their trade. Often the 85 and 125cc classes are looked at as a riders apprenticeship after all.


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Billy Mac’s Big Day Out more_>

by Paul Harris on 12/22/2008

Billy Mackenzie is Britain’s reigning MX1 champion – the 23 year old Scot won his first title in 2007 and brought the number one plate with him to the crack CAS Honda squad for 2008. Completely dominant domestically, the three-time Grand Prix winner was an absolute shoe-in to retain his crown despite missing round five through injury, coming back for another couple of wins at the legendary Foxhill circuit before a big crash running second at the Czech Grand Prix left him to limp through Brampton in a brave effort to salvage points. Heading into the Hawkstone Park finale, a win in the first moto would be enough to clinch it from KTM’s James Noble and, as he did in every round when he started the race fit, Mackenzie made short work of taking the lead, fighting his way past the young Ray Rowson and clearing off for the moto and championship win.

That, however, is just where it starts getting interesting….

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Malcolm Stewart Dominates Mini O’s with KX250 Two Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/04/2008

Saturday was the last day of 37th annual Thor Winter National Olympics presented by Pro Circuit.

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Billy MacKenzie on CR500 in British MX Championship. more_>

by JohnNicholas on 10/03/2008


Hear what MX-GPwinner Billy MacKenzie says on competing on a1998(!!!!) CR500 in the BritshMX Championship sunday 21 sept.2008.

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Antoine Meo Races 125cc Two Stroke at Italy MX2 more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/16/2008

Even while many said it wasn’t possible French Racer Antoine Meo both qualified and raced the FIM World Championship Grand Prix of Citta di Faenza in Italy on his Husqvarna 125 two stroke.

Not only did Antoine qualify he also raced and earned GP points. Finishing 20th in the first moto and having some problems in the second moto finishing 27th.

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Canadian MX Nationals – JSR races a YZ250 two stroke! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 09/04/2008

One of the highlights of Walton was Team Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox’s and JSR’s decision for the veteran rider to come out of retirement to race a Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke at Walton. JSR has one as his personal practice bike and to use for local races, and said “It’s just a really good bike and I enjoy riding it. I’m not here to prove anything, just to ride it and have fun.”

All ears were on his screaming two-stroke as he blasted his way to fourth fastest time in qualifying, causing a huge stir with his fans lining the track. Unfortunately, a twisted ankle cut his charge short on race day. A mediocre start left him charging through the pack to catch up to the 450s. “I twisted my ankle yesterday in practice, and this morning to get out of bed just to walk and get dressed was difficult.

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Southwick Observations more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/25/2008

Earlier this month there was a rumor that John Dowd was going to race a two stroke at the Southwick AMA National. Like many rumors it turned out to be false.

The 43 year old “Junkyard Dog” raced his four-stroke and finished 9th in the first moto and 5th in the second moto for a 6th overall. In doing so he beat many racers half his age! He is one bad mofo.

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Glen Helen Two Stroke Challenge more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/21/2008

It was difficult finding results for this race! The following blurb was found in the August 2008 issue of MXA.


Since timed qualifying makes watching paint dry seem exciting, Glen Helen decided to spice up Saturday’s program with an invitational pro race for two-strokes only. Read that again! The sound of ringdings would not only be back, but with their own race.

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Round 6 – DEP British Two-Stroke Championship more_>

by JohnNicholas on 08/19/2008

Round six of the DEP Pipes British 2 Stroke Championship saw Wakes Colne in Essex perfumed with the glorious smell of premix. The track was immaculately prepped and perfect come Sunday morning, even with a very wet buildup to the event – riders were spoiled for choice when it came to lines, and the dirt was spot-on.

The complete race report is here.

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