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Why you should take your new bike apart before you ride it.

by Ron Smith on 06/03/2018

"I just want to ride man, I just want to ride!" 

Yeah, we know, but you should do it anyway.

Here is what can (and will) happen if you dont:

A real mess

The rest of the gory details


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Building a two-stroke leak down tester for under $50, in two stops.

by Ron Smith on 03/11/2017

Assembled Tester

Because air leaks are particularly risky on a two-stroke it is important to test for them. Unlike a four-stroke engine a two-stroke requires an air tight crank case to operate correctly. It is alternately under vacuum and compression during each cycle.

You can build one yourself for under $50. Here is how.

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Beta steps into the gap left by KTM

by Ron Smith on 06/22/2018

Looks like Beta is going after the 200cc off-road market segement that KTM used to have.

Beta 200RR

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122+ hours on a piston?

by Ron Smith on 06/05/2018

Ever wonder what would happen if you just never changed your top end?

Wonder no more:

YZ250 Piston, damaged






Here is the rest of the story

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First Ride 2 Stroke Fuel Injection KTM 250 XC-W - Dirt Bike Magazine

by Ron Smith on 05/24/2017

Basic feature run down with some nice footage.


First Ride 2 Stroke Fuel Injection KTM 250 XC-W - Dirt Bike Magazine

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