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Building a two-stroke leak down tester for under $50, in two stops. more_>

by Ron Smith on 03/11/2017

Assembled Tester

Because air leaks are particularly risky on a two-stroke it is important to test for them. Unlike a four-stroke engine a two-stroke requires an air tight crank case to operate correctly. It is alternately under vacuum and compression during each cycle.

You can build one yourself for under $50. Here is how.

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Spark Plug Heat Ranges more_>

by Terry Preston on 02/28/2017

Illustration of the effect of insulator tip length.

When a spark plug is referred to as a “cold plug”, it is one that transfers heat rapidly from the firing tip into the engine head, keeping the firing tip cooler. A “hot plug” has a much slower rate of heat transfer, which keeps the firing tip hotter.  Tip temperature is related to the length of the ceramic insulator. Long insulator tips have a longer heat transfer path than short insulator plugs.

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Two Stroke Troubleshooting in 4 Parts (Part 1) more_>

by Ron Smith on 01/25/2017

This is part 1 of what will ultimately be a 4-part series dealing with basic troubleshooting of a two stroke motorcycle engine. This, of course, also applies to quads and much of it applies to any engine of any type, but will specifically cover two strokes while skipping over 4 stroke related things such as valve timing, etc.

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