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Video – 10 Minutes Of 2 Strokes 4.0 more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/06/2014


Time to ring in 2014 with MXPTV‘s next installment of 10 Minutes Of 2 Strokes 4.0 presented by MotoSport. Check out MXPTV’s top 2 stroke shots of 2013 from the local races, amateur nationals, and whatever else happened in front of the MXPTV cameras.

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Merry Christmas From TSM and Toofast Films! more_>

by Charles Owens on 12/13/2013

TooFast Films put together a little video wishing all of the 2 Stroke fans out there a Merry Christmas! We know you know the words, braaap along!


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Raw Footage – Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 – Scotty Clark and Tyler Wozney more_>

by Charles Owens on 11/20/2013

Check out the raw footage of Scotty Clark on his Kawasaki KX125 and Tyler Wozney on a CR 500 ripping around the Speed Citi track in Seaford, Delaware during our Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 shoot presented by Boyesen!

Scotty Clark – KX 125

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Joey Peters #535 Helmet Cam – Wildwood Brawl On The Beach 2013 more_>

by Charles Owens on 11/01/2013

Ride along with Joey Peters on the TSM 250SX in the sands of Wildwood, NJ for the 2013 Fall Brawl on the Beach. With almost 800 rider entries, it turned out to be a great weekend!


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VIDEO: Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 Featuring Tyler Wozney CR 500 – Scotty Clark KX 125 more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/18/2013

Enter the MXPTV/Boyesen 2 Stroke REVolution contest to win a Rad Valve performance Intake System!

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Two Strokes For Life – Video By TooFast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/17/2013

In the world of motocross, there exists a band of passionate, determined and down right bad ass riders and racers that are not afraid to say… 2 Strokes for life!!!

2strokeforlifeCheck out the new video by TooFast Films. They are huge two stoke fans and supporters, and always expect some great filming and camera angles!

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250 Pro Highlight Video From the 3rd Annual Two Stroke Shootout more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/26/2013

Check out the great racing from the 250 Pro class at the 3rd Annual Two Stroke Shootout from Sleepy Hollow Motocross Park!

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125 Pro Highlight Video – 3rd Annual Two Stroke Shootout more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/26/2013

125 A/Pro at the Shootout this year was some of the best racing we have seen all season.

Our boys did a great job on the TSM – Sikk Shades KTM’s, Robby Marshall finished with a 4-1 for a 2nd overall and Jerry Lorenz finished up 2-4 for a 3rd overall. Congrats guys, great racing!

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Joey Peters #535 – TSM’s KTM 250SX Helmet Cam – 2013 Two Stroke Shootout more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/25/2013

Ride along with Joey Peters on our Two Stroke Motocross – Sikk Shades KTM 250SX at the 3rd Annual Two Stroke Shootout. Held at Sleepy Hollow Motocross Park, Sept. 20-22 2013.

Joey had a great start to the 2nd 250 Pro moto, went down hard resulting in a DNF due to a mangled radiator. He finished the first 250 moto in 4th.

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Derek Howerton Ripping Up Cycle Ranch – KTM 250SX Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/15/2013

Check out Derek Howerton shredding up Cycle Ranch on his KTM 250SX!

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2013 TM of Nations – The Movie more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/22/2013

The TM of Nations rolled in to the Washbrook Farm MX facility in the UK where 12 teams from 9 countries went head to head on their TM machines. If you like your 2 strokes you will love this!

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Robby Marshall Rips a Two-Stroke at Unadilla – Behind The Scenes Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/15/2013

Follow Robby Marshall through the weekend with us at Unadilla, find out why he rides.


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CMRC Sand Del Lee – Video and Gallery Why Do You Ride a Two Stroke? more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/29/2013

TSM goes to Canada to race the Sand Del Lee Canadian National with team rider Jerry Lorenz #28 on the TSM-Sikk Shades KTM 250SX. Full story here.


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Jerry Lorenz GoPro Sand Del Lee MX2 – KTM 250SX Holeshot more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/22/2013

TSM spent the weekend in Canada for the CMRC Pro MX event at Sand Del Lee.


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Ryan Blizzard Rippin Up Paradox MX On His KTM 250SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/19/2013

Watch Ryan Blizzard rip it up at Paradox MX last weekend on his 2012 KTM 250SX!


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Two Strokin’ Outdoors – TSM Test Videos And Gallery more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/13/2013

We’ve had the guys out on TSM – Sikk Shades KTM 250SX’s putting in some laps before Budds Creek next weekend.


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Ken De Dycker Rippin’ A 2014 KTM 125SX – Test Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/14/2013

Check out Ken as he test rips the new ’14 KTM 125SX.

Big guy, small bore.. Still Smokin’!

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2014 KTM 150SX – Jeff Herlings Wide Open Test Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/07/2013

We’ve been waiting on images to come up of the 2014 KTM 2 Stroke models, here’s one better.


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Taka Higashino Moto X Freestyle Gold Run Brazil – YZ 250 Helmet Cam more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/02/2013

Taka Higashino lays down an unbelievable run to take home the Gold at X Games Brazil.

X Games Foz Do Iguacu 2013 - April 21, 2013

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The Power Of Sound – KTM 2 Stroke more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/19/2013

Motology’s latest action-packed film reveals the phenomena of the two-stroke engine, as Adam Riemann and Toby Price unleash the full potential of the KTM 300EXC.


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20 Reasons To Buy a Two Stroke – Toofast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/15/2013

The Toofast boys went out for a ride yesterday in search for a season as to why you should buy a 2 stroke.. They found 20!

What else do you need?

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Jim Davies TM 125 Video – Ride Like A Boss more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/12/2013

We caught up with the Ex British 125 champ, Jim Davies at the 2nd Round of the GT Cup national series at the deep sandy Fatcat Motoparc. Jim sat out all of 2012 with a shoulder injury but made a stunning return to racing with 4 wins from 4 races at the 1st round a few weeks earlier. Once again he “rode like a boss” and showed us all why he is a championship contender.


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No Holding Back – Jordan Eccles On His KTM 85 At FatCat Motoparc more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/11/2013

Toofast Films has put together another great video for your entertainment.

Jordon Eccles Holeshot

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Mike Sottile #515 RM 250 Helmet Cam – Southwick NESC Opener more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/08/2013

Mike Sottile #515 brought out his RM 250 for the NESC season opener at Southwick.

Mike Sottile #515 on his RM 250 at Southwick

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J Day Payday Video From Bostwick MX Park more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/30/2013

On March 9th 2013 the first round of J Day Payday was held at Bostwick MX Park. Check out the video of these guys rippin’ up the tracks and trails.

Featuring: Robby Marshall, Nick Batten, Zach Osborne, Chris Bach, Mike Sottile, Jake Abbott and many more.

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Campionato Italiano Motocross 125cc Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/20/2013

Check out the 125cc action from the Campionato Italiano Motocross at Esanatoglia.

Round 1 – 3/17/13

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Frez Productions – CR 250 On Ice more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/20/2013

Frez Productions filming a little ice skating with a studded up 2003 Honda CR 250.


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Tony Cairoli KTM 250SX Helmet Cam more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/23/2013

Check out Antonio Cairoli laying down some practice laps on the 250SX in Malagrotta.

Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter @Antoniocairoli

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Tyler Wozney Helmet Cam – CR 250 At Thundercross MX more_>

by Charles Owens on 02/12/2013

MXPTV threw its GoPro Hero2 camera to Diamond Motorsports/Bel-Ray/FMF rider Tyler Wozney as he went down to Thundercross MX in Okeechobee, Florida to burn a bunch of laps on his 2000 Honda CR250 two-stroke.

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2012 2 Stroke Shootout – 250A Moto 1 Highlight Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/27/2013

Check out this highlight video from the 2012 2 Stroke Shootout at Sleepy Hollow MX Park.

250A Moto 1 highlights, helmet cam clips mounted on Shane Durham riding a borrowed YZ 250.

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125A Action – 2012 Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/22/2013

Check out this Highlight video from the 125A class at the 2012 2 Stroke Shootout at Sleepy Hollow MX Park. Be sure to be there this year, the event will be held 9/20 – 9/22/2013. You can RSVP here on facebook.(Not Required)

Thanks to TooFast Films for the edit!

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10 Minutes Of Two Strokes 3.0 – MXPTV more_>

by Charles Owens on 01/02/2013

MXPTV has released 10 minutes of Two Strokes 3.0.

Check it out and enjoy the beautiful sounds!

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Jake Oswald YZ 144 Helmet Cam At Barona Oaks more_>

by Charles Owens on 12/31/2012

Jake Oswald Rippin’ it up on his Yamaha YZ 144.


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Jimmy Decotis KTM 150SX Helmet Cam – MX Day At St Martin more_>

by Charles Owens on 12/13/2012

New England native Jimmy Decotis was invited down to the annual MX Day event on the island of St. Martin. He raced a borrowed KTM 150 SX two stroke in the Open class. Check out the highlights of his 1st Open moto from St. Martin! – MXPTV

Decotis finished the day with a 3-3 in the Open class.

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Save The 2 Stroke – Video By TooFast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 11/22/2012

Watch this vid and see if it gets your adrenaline pumping and makes you want to ride. We can’t let these awesome machines disappear!  If they are honest with themselves even the most die-hard 4 stroke fans will admit they have more fun on a smoker and there is nothing like a 2 stroke on the pipe to put a smile on your face. Sure with the current capacity regulations four strokes have the advantage and are easier to ride,but you have to ask yourself do you want easy or do you want FUN.

Do yourself a favor throw your leg over a 2 stroke, turn the throttle and never look back. Put the fun back in MX.

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Kale Makeham Prepping for ASX On His KTM 250SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/28/2012

Kale Makeham rides a 2012 KTM 250 2 stroke. He recently finished 5th overall in the Australian U19 motocross series and he’s currently running 2nd in the Australian U19 supercross series.

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Broc Peterson – 125A 2 Stroke Shootout Helmet Cams more_>

by Charles Owens on 10/02/2012

Ride along with Broc Peterson on a borrowed CR 125 for both 125A motos at the Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout.

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2 Strokes Only – Films and Gallery By Toofast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/27/2012

How to make a successful MX video…

In our industry receiving anywhere up to 10,000 views on an internet MX video cannot be frowned upon. However these kinds of views are defiantly not considered ‘viral’ and these kinds of views are probably not going to make you an internet mega star. But in a sport that has such a niche market across the globe it is almost unheard of to have a Viral MX vid that spreads like wildfire across the World Wide Web. There are those few exceptions however, for example if you happen to catch video footage of a certain Aussie mad man hitting the eject button on the lip of a Millville table top! But unless you just happen to have the camera rolling to catch something extraordinary, something with a 1 in a million chance of happening on film it is very unlikely that you are going to get massive views. So this raises the question, how do you go about making a viral Motocross video?  With an early film nudging 1 million views and their best effort so far this year already at 500,000 views Toofast Films are in the mood to try and find that magic recipe for online success…  So what are their ingredients you ask ?

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Shane Durham YZ 250 Raw GoPro – Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout 250A more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/26/2012

Ride Along with Shane Durham on a borrowed Yamaha YZ 250 has he rips up Sleepy Hollow for the 2nd 250A moto. This is the complete uncut moto, 20 minutes plus 2 laps.

Shane finished off this moto in 5th place out of 25 entries.

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Dylan Cox KX 250 Conversion Helmet Cam – 2 Stroke Shootout 250A more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/25/2012

Dylan Cox #20 made his way from Kentucky for the Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout. He raced the 250 Pro class on his MPS Racing KX 250 Conversion and finished 3rd overall with a 3-5.

Ride along with Dylan during 250A Moto 2, he has a rough start but made his way through the pack for the number 5 spot.

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Mike McDade Helmet Cam – 2 Stroke Shootout 125A Moto 2 more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/25/2012

Pennsylvania privateer Mike McDade had a perfect weekend at Sleepy Hollow’s 2 Stroke Shootout in Fredericksburg, PA sweeping all 4 A class motos and earning over $2,000 in holeshot and purse money. Check out his flawless ride in his 2nd 125 A moto at the Hollow.

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Sleepy Hollow Two Stroke Shootout Practice Gallery more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/22/2012

Today at Sleepy Hollow practice for the 2 Stroke Shootout got underway.

The sounds and smell of 100-150 2 strokes filled the air. Plenty of fast Pro’s showed up to take a shot at the almost $7,200 purse. A huge thanks to all of the sponsors supporting the event this year.

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Farleigh Castle Vets MXDN Overview – Videos and Media By TooFast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/19/2012

Farleigh Castle Vets MXDN:

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125 Dream Race Video At Washougal MX Park more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/18/2012

Saturday September 15th the 125 Dream Race was held at Washougal MX Park.

Full gates, premix and unforgettable sounds. Check it out!

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Shane Durham Allegheny Cup YZ 250 Helmet Cam – MXPTV more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/17/2012

PR2 Racing’s Shane Durham borrowed a Yamaha YZ 250 Two Stroke to compete in the 250 A class at the 3rd annual Allegheny Cup at Rocket Raceway in Three Springs, PA. Check it out!

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KTM Two Stroke National At Coolum Video and Results more_>

by Charles Owens on 09/03/2012

The KTM 2 Stroke National was won by Western Australian MX1 regular Dean Porter (Full Force Racing CarsRus Suzuki), winning three of the four motos contested. Local favourite Brock Winston (KTM) was second, with Porter’s Yamaha-mounted teammate Keiron Hall completing the podium. American guest Mike Sleeter (KTM Orange Brigade) won a moto, but had to settle for fifth overall.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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2012 Junior MX World Championships 125cc Highlight Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/29/2012

Highlights by vurbmoto of the 125cc Class from the Junior World Championships, held at Sevlievo, Bulgaria featuring Tim Gajser / Simone Furlotti / Pauls Jonass / Jordon Smith / Jarek Balkovic / James Dunn and many more.


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Wil Hahn at Lake Elsinore on a Honda CR 250 Two Stroke more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/28/2012

While at Lake Elsinore for the 2013 CRF250R press intro, Wil Hahn decided to have some fun and put down some laps on a CR 250 2 Stroke.


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Adam Cianciarulo Tearin’ Up Ryan Villopoto’s Track On His KX 112 Supermini more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/21/2012

Ride along with Adam Cianciarulo as he shows us the fast line around Ryan Villopoto’s farm aboard his Kawasaki KX112 supermini during a Pulp MX shoot in April.

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Helmet Cam – VdLaarRacing Yamaha YZ 125 -Lars van Berkel at the Red Bull Pro Nationals more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/17/2012

Lars Van Berkel helmet cam footage aboard a 125cc VdLaarRacing Yamaha in the 2 Stroke class. Van Berkel won the first two motos and had to ride two more motos on Sunday.

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TSM Video – Loretta Lynn’s 2012 Schoolboy 1 and Supermini 2 – RAW Two Strokes via MXPTV more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/15/2012

Here are a few video’s from Loretta Lynn’s a few weeks ago. No music, all Eargasm! Schoolboy 1, Moto 1 Supermini 2, Moto 1

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Crow Hill 125cc Two Stroke Championship Video and Results more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/07/2012

The first annual Crow Hill Invitational 125cc Two Stroke Championship was held Sunday. Here you can find a raw video from both moto’s as well as the results.


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Loretta Lynn’s Open Two Stroke Moto 1 Highlights 2012 more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/02/2012

Check out this highlight video from Moto1 of the open Two Stroke class.

Ty Siminoe takes the Moto 1 win

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Two Strokes Only By TooFast Films more_>

by Charles Owens on 08/01/2012

No four strokes allowed! Toofast Films has put together a great video featuring Matt Moffatt on a KTM 250SX, Matt White on a KTM 125SX, Robbie Waller on a Suzuki RM250, James Dunn on a KTM 125SX and Jordan Hind on a Honda CR 250.

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Jake Oswald YZ 250 Helmet Cam At Pala Raceway more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/31/2012

Ride with Jake Oswald at Pala Raceway on his 2008 Yamaha YZ 250.

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Destry Abbott Pro Circuit KX 125 Helmet Cam At Zaca Station more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/28/2012

Take some laps from the helmet of Destry Abbott shredding Zaca Station on a Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX125.


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Derek Howerton Shredding Cycle Ranch on his 2012 KTM 250SX – Helmet Cam more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/24/2012

Enjoy this Raw helmet cam of Derek rippin’ up Cycle Ranch in Texas.

Derek Howerton is the son of 5 time National Champion Kent Howerton. He rides for fun and races every now and then. He is in College working on his degree. He just happens to be one of the most naturally gifted riders the state of Texas has ever produced.

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Jake Oswald YZ 125 Helmet Cam – Marty Smith MX Track Opening Day more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/17/2012

Ride along with Jake Oswald on his YZ 125 during opening day at the Marty Smith MX track. July 14th 2012.

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Raw Two Strokes from Round 3 of the Red Bull Pro Nationals more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/17/2012

Raw Two Stroke action from round 3 of the 2012 Red Bull Pro Nationals at Canada Heights.  Enjoy!

Credit: Toofast Films

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Jake Oswald Shredding Pala On His 06 YZ 125 more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/11/2012

Follow Jake Oswald #643 around Pala Raceway as he shreds his 2006 YZ 125!

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Ricky Renner YZ 125 GoPro Helmet Cam From Red Bud – Practice Lap more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/11/2012

Take a ride with Ricky Renner during practice at the sixth round of the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. REEEDD BUUDDD!

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Chase Simone Woods Rippin’ The 2012 KTM 250SX more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/04/2012

What better way is there to spend the 4th of July than being around 2 strokes all day? Despite the heat, Chase rode his new 2012 KTM 250SX for the camera in his woods loop today.

I guess we can call this a little “teaser” for a moto track edit that we’re filming for soon, big jumps and big whips, and yes; 2 stroke.

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Robbie Waller RM 250 Helmet Cam – On The Pipe 2 more_>

by Charles Owens on 07/04/2012

Toofast Films caught up with Robbie Waller for some great Helmet Cam footage on his Suzuki RM 250. Check it out!

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How Motocross Should Sound – 2012 TM 125 Rippin It Up more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/25/2012

Chubbie Hammond was caught on camera making his ’12 TM 125 MX scream. This is the sound we love. Nothing sounds better than a finely tuned 125 smoker with a great rider tearing it up! Nice riding Chubbie!

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Fuel Injected CR 500 – Full Test Video more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/22/2012

Here is the full test video and interview for the fuel injected 500.

2010 YZ 450F chassis, CR 500 motor, 215 pounds, fuel injected.

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Matt Moffat at the Red Bull Pro Nationals – KTM 250SX Helmet Cam more_>

by Charles Owens on 06/06/2012

Toofast Films caught up with Matt Moffat at the 2nd round of the Redbull Pro Nationals at Fatcats Motoparc. The “Moffstar” was in incredible form on his trusty KTM 250 SX in the 2 Stoke Open Championship.

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TSM’s Ryan Blizzard Helmet Cam – Getting the W at Unadilla 250 Pro more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/02/2012

Enjoy this helmet cam footage of our own Ryan Blizzard getting the win at Unadilla last weekend on his 2012 KTM 250SX. This is Ryan’s first race back from injury.

He finished the weekend with a first, 2 second’s and a third.

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Nate Page on his KX 125 at Central Village more_>

by Charles Owens on 05/01/2012

As the gate drops, Nate gets a pretty good start on his 125 only to get held up in the first corner. As we have been told a 125 has no chance against a 250f, especially coming from the back of the pack.. Listen to the beautiful music as makes his way through the thumpers for a podium spot.

Nice Riding Nate!

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What happens when a Two Stroke test ride goes bad? more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/30/2012

This video starts out great, just when he’s looking comfortable and knocking some time off the lap’s.. It happen’s.

Check it out!

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TSM’s Brennen Weindel caught on camera at Sleepy Hollow MX Park more_>

by Charles Owens on 04/05/2012

Our very own Brennen Weindel was caught on camera at Sleepy Hollow MX Park In PA.

Current sponsors: Two Stroke Motocross, Black Heart MX, All Balls, KB5, Lebanon Valley Cycles, and 529 Foundation.

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20 Minutes of Two Strokes more_>

by Charles Owens on 03/30/2012

MXPTV has put together a couple Two Stroke video’s for the fans, check them out! 10 Minutes, x2.


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Yamaha GYTR YZ144 Kit – Racer X Video more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/17/2010

If you are a two-stroke fan, this is a must see video. Some riding action along is followed with an interview of Pro Racer Max Anstie. As a bonus, Steve Cox interviews Yamaha GYTR Marketing Manager Trevor Kemp about the kit and two-strokes.

Even Racer X is reporting two-stroke news now….

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The King Speaks… more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/07/2010

The folks over at Transworld Motocross Interviewed Jeremy McGrath on video recently. Among the questions they asked him, the two-stroke question was raised as well.

Since Jeremy is sponsored by Honda, the answer seemed to be a forgone conclusion. I love it when I’m proved wrong!!

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Transworld Motocross – 2010 Yamaha YZ250 Video more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/25/2010

From Transworld Motocross…

In spite of how much any of us like two-strokes, the sad truth of the matter is that two-strokes in America are slowly fading away. Thankfully, though, for two-stroke lovers in the US Yamaha still produces both a 125 and 250 two-stroke. We got invited out to Glen Helen for the day to test the 2010 YZ250. And even though there aren’t any new changes to the bike for ‘10, it was still a blast to ride. Watch the video to find out what our newest test rider and national pro Ryan Beat thought about the bike at the end of the day.

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M.M.X. in action show reel more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/17/2010

With continuous demands from around the globe being placed on Maico Internationals marketing department for a promotional video of the new M.M.X. in action we are pleased to announce that filming starts this coming week.

The three day shoot should provide enough raw footage for an informative and high octane insight into the bike, plus a little nostalgic glance to the past and that traditional Maico sound.

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Texas hot shoe- Jimmy Taylor more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/30/2009

“The Official Video of Jimmy Taylor” riding the new day track at Cross Creek Cycle Park in Paige, Texas. This video shows him riding the whole track, different angles on some parts of it. The track flows great and was designed by Sean (owner of Cross Creek) and Larry Morton. Jimmy is 13, been riding since he was 6, he rides a Yamaha YZ85 and he recently raced at Loretta Lynn’s in August 2009 and got to ride a few laps with James Bubba Stewart at Oak Hill MX in Texas in July 2009. He loves to ride and is sponsored by his dad.

Background music is “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana available on iTunes or Amazon

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by JohnNicholas on 09/22/2009

FULLERTON, CALIF. (September 21st, 2009) – Brad Lackey has produced a broadband viral video on YouTube about how viewers around the world can help him and his motocross friends raise funds to build and purchase a custom, modified van for 1982 Motocross and Trophee des Nations Champion Danny “Magoo” Chandler.

The video provides some fun background on Brad’s history with Danny racing in northern California as well as Danny’s accomplishments and his tragic accident at the Paris Supercross in 1985. Brad also explains how Danny is helping new and younger motorcycle riders learn to ride safely yet his own transportation is sorely needing replacement in order for him to keep doing what he is doing. There is great footage from Danny’s DVD “Magoo-The Story of Danny Chandler” as well as photos of the type of van Brad and friends are working towards. Between $75,000 and $100,000 is needed to complete the project and set up the necessary maintenance and insurance funds. Almost a quarter of it has been raised so far.

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2009 Glen Helen 2-Stroke Invitational Video & Results more_>

by JohnNicholas on 05/26/2009

Unfortunately the race was moved from it’s time slot during  intermission to the end of the day due to time constrictions. With the move to race day on Saturday and the jam packed race day the powers that be were first going to cancel the event altogether!

Some cooler heads prevailed and the race was moved to the end of the day. From some of the “talk” it seems as though there was a change in the length of the race itself. When we find some details it will be posted here.

more... >>

Pro Video from Apex 500cc Day more_>

by JohnNicholas on 04/15/2009

This is an awesome video! Joe Golding did an amazing job on this video. It gives a real flavor of what the day was like.

Listen to the sound of the 500cc two strokes as ridden by some of the top racers. They just sing!

more... >>

Suzuki SJ10 – Two Stroke – The little SUV that could more_>

by JohnNicholas on 04/02/2009

I was just sent this cool little video of a Suzuki SJ10 attempting to climb a hill. The interesting thing about this vehicle is that it is a 540cc two stroke!! Yes they used a motor that was just a little bit bigger than a CR500 to power a four-wheel drive jeep!

Just a little something to put a smile on your face!

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Motocross Videos – Love that sound! more_>

by JohnNicholas on 03/13/2009

Here are a few videos so you can get your fix of Braaap!

This first one is a Honda CR500…. the rider knows how to ride and the bike just sings.

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Two Stroke Motocross Videos 2008 more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/31/2008

Happy New Year!

Here are a few videos to celebrate this past year. The best part about these is they are all from the 2008 racing season!

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Marty Smith – America’s Motocross Legend DVD more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/30/2008

Marty Smith was the very first American motocross hero. Of course, back in the “old” days, there was very little video of motocross on television or otherwise. The only place to see your heroes back then was either by attending the Nationals or Trans AMA races or photos in magazines.


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10 Minute Two Stroke Rebuild? more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/11/2008

Can you rebuild your two stroke engine in less time?

This video from Rocky Mountain ATV / MC shows you just how easy it is to do. Does it really take 10 minutes?

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World’s Greatest Supercross Races DVD Set more_>

by JohnNicholas on 12/09/2008

This five DVD collection of racing action is a must for every two stroke racer, rider and fan. The set contains over 22 hours of racing and interviews from the early history of Supercross.

When this set first arrived in my home, the first DVD was inserted in the player and I was mesmerized. The hours passed so quickly that it was well past 2am before I realized that I needed to be at work in the morning. The racing is superb.

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Transworld Motocross Thursday Theater – Josh Hill YZ250 Two Stroke more_>

by JohnNicholas on 11/07/2008

Some great footage of Josh Hill on his brand new YZ250 Two Stroke. This was shot a few days before Josh injured his shoulder.

Make sure that you stop by the Transworld site to leave a comment.

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