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Jake Oswald’s YZ 250 at Houston Supercross

by Charles Owens on 03/31/2012

Our friend Ethan Bulls was roaming the pit’s this afternoon in Houston, what did he come across?

Jake Oswald has a race ready YZ 250 sitting in the pit’s. Is he racing it? We don’t think so. He was practicing on a Honda 450.

What really get’s me wondering are the graphics.. Miley Cirus on the YZ and the Honda.

Jake’s crew said they are considering running a 2 Stroke for a round or few next year, just not this one due to the year not being legal to race.

 We have a Ton of money in the 450 motor.  It’s nice to just throw a mod top end, and a pipe on the 250 to make it run nice.

Oswald qualifyed today on his 450.

Ethan also spotted the SMS/Violation KTM 150SX riding through the pits. The team mechanics say they have been discussing running the Smoker next year. We will keep you posted about that.