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Grant Langston races YZ125 at 2009 Surfercross

by JohnNicholas on 08/13/2009

The use of two-strokes by former National champions seems to be growing. When so many people are talking about the demise of the two-stroke, they show up unexpectedly.

When Grant Langston decided to compete in the 2009 Surfercross, he chose to race a YZ125 two-stroke. While we can speculate for days about why he decided to use a two-stroke, the fact is he did.

Although Grant Langston and his teammate finished outside the top 10, it could be safe to say that they had a fun time!

Itís great seeing GL back on a bike and racing!

Check out Grant diving to the inside at the start. Not bad for a 125 two-stroke.

GL airing out his YZ125

Notice the dis-coloration on the header pipe.

Surfercross 2009 Poster.