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Round 1 – Super X Report

by SwapperMX on 10/18/2010

The first round of the Super X in Newcastle blasted off on Saturday night to a crowd of 12,500. The event was broadcast live on Fox in Australia.

The track was fairly tight but looked great, and attracted a big crowd. The average lap time was about 41 seconds, but Chad Reed and Justin Brayton were down running in the mid 38 second times. There was some great racing, with some different formats again this year, with the 450 class running one on one, single lap sprint races to decide qualifying position for the 8 fastest 450 riders from the afternoon heats. The Josh Hansen v Chad Reed race was amazingly tight and made for a great start to the night.

To the all important lites class, with 250 two strokes now legal to compete against the 250 four strokes, and three top  riders on the two stroke qualified into the night show, with a massive field entered for the lites class. There were 51 riders entered into the lites class, but only 22 riders into the finals. Robby Marshall, Kim Ashkenazi and Nicholas Sutherland all through on their 250 two strokes.

Robbie Marshall #51 attempts to beat the Lites to the first turn.

Wathcing the event live on Fox showed Robby Marshall jumping off the line against 21 other riders in the first race, with the sound from his YZ 250 blasting the cameraman in the face as he rocketed off the line. He unfortunately got squeezed out in the first corner, but rode strong and continued to make passes in the first of the 2 10 lap sprint races, which was the format for the first Super X round. Robby ended up leading a precession of two strokes across the finish line, coming home in 11th, with Kim Ashkenzi in 12th and Nicholas Sutherland in 13th.

After crossing the finish line there was a 5 minute break before the second sprint race started. Unfortunately none of the two stroke riders got great starts in the second race, and had to battle for each and every position. Again Robby managed to battle his way to 11th laying down some good lap times, with Nicholas Sutherland managing to finish 15th, but Kim Ashkenazi had several problems and finished the second race in 20th. Some great racing, and it was great to hear the two strokes on full song at a Professional motocross event.

Kim Ashkenazi #52 and Robbie Marshall #51 get going after a crash.

The 450 class was the Chad Reed show in both races, with none of the top American riders really having any answers for Chads outright speed and his super smooth style. Chad definitely looks good on his Honda, and showed speed and style that I have not seen him from him in a couple of years. It is going to be interesting to see what happens in the week leading up to the second round, and whether Chad decides he will be lining up to once again do battle in Canberra.

Be sure to check the video of the Lites Heats.—/10126/

Lites Results

???1  – PJ Larson
2  – Matt Moss
3  – Ryan Marmont
4  – Kade Mosig
5  – Lawson Bopping
6  – Cody Mackie
7  – Harley Quinlan
8  – Luke George
9  – Luke Styke
10 – Kirk Gibbs
11 – Josh Cachia
12 – Robbie Marshall #51
13 – Nicholas Sutherland #151
14 – Kim Ashkenazi #52
15 – Luke Arbon

Monster Energy Super X, the Australasian Supercross Championship is a partnership between Michael Porra, the CEO of Global Action Sports, and Australia’s greatest ever supercross rider, Chad Reed.