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Vets MXDN Farleigh Photo Report

by JohnNicholas on 09/24/2010

September 18/19 at Farleigh Castle was the scene of the Vets MXDN (Motocross Dirt Nationals). This vintage event draws racers and fans form all of England. There were quite a few well-known racers from the past that showed up to mingle or participate.

There is a DVD of the race that will be available in October, please check this web site for details.

Rob Andrews

Team Spain - Villa, Lera, Toran & De la Sol

Ben Milward gets the holeshot from Pratley,Towells & Johnny May

Gordon Crockard

Standing (L to R) Rob Andrews / Dai Smith / Jem Whatley / Justin Banks / Mark Banks / Neil Prince / Mark Fulton / Brian Wheeler / Gordon Crockard Kneeling (L to R) Neil Hudson / Georges Jobe / Jeff Leisk / Dave Thorpe / Jan Geboers

Jeremey Whatley & Georges Jobe

The photos from this report were found on MX Trax UK

Audio Interviews with some of the Legends attending the Farleigh Castle Event. Click on the Interview button on the left side.

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