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Taddy Blazusiak Wins 2009 Endurocross Title on Two Stroke

by JohnNicholas on 10/28/2009

Congratulation to Taddy Blazusiak on clinching the 2009 Endurocross Championship.

Blazusiak, is arguably the world’s top “Extreme Enduro” rider in the world right now. With this win in Denver, CO he claimed the championship with one round remaining. The series finale in Las Vegas. Taddy also has the opportunity to win the triple crown prize of $50,000. if he were to win in Vegas.

Taddy Blazusiak

We on this site have been accused of conspiracy theories and other such nonsense when we point out small things like the following, but in the mainstream media, virtually no one mentioned that Taddy was racing a KTM two-stroke. Not only that but the photos from the Denver event didn’t include a photo of his bike. Since it’s an AMA event these things make you go… hmmm.

Does anyone know what size machine that Taddy (or anyone else for that matter) races at these events?

Taddy Blazusiak 2009 Endurocross Champion.

Check out this video on Shotmaker of the Round 5 webshow from Denver. Pretty intense racing action.

Denver Colorado, Geico Powersports AMA EnduroCross Expert Main Event Results

1. Taddy Blazusiak KTM
2. Colton Haaker Kawasaki
3. Damon Huffman Kawasaki
4. Geoff Aaron Christini / KTM
5. Kyle Redmond Yamaha
6. Bobby Prochnau KTM
7. Jamie Lanza Kawasaki
8. Patrick Smage KTM
9. Cory Graffunder Husqvarna
10. Cody Webb KTM
11. Ryan Rodgers Yamaha