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Strong Results for Two-Strokes in MX-GPs

by Crooijmans on 05/05/2010

Second KTM SX250-rider also succesfull in MX1-GP.

The Netherlands, May 05 2010.

Yentel Martens (son of former 500cc World Champion Jacky Martens) decided just a few weeks before his home GP in Valkenswaard to quit racing his 450 4stroke and go definitely back to racing Two-Strokes.

His performances during training and a week before the GP in a race for the Dutch Championship against several regular GP competitors showed he was faster on his SX250 than he was with his SX450F. The decision was made; for the rest of the season Yentel will be only racing the SX250. This is not just good news, it will also bring continuous development of the SX250 as his father is not only Team Owner but also the main engineer of the official satellite-team from KTM;!

Cedric Soubeyras

Jackys work and improvements on the bike will certainly be taken into consideration by the KTM-factory when developing the new bikes for the next years.

In the first two GPs of this year we already had young Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras who choose to compete on a two-stroke after good results in the pre-season such as an stunning win in the Genova-supercross where he beated some af the best SX-riders of the world on their 4strokes.

His GP results where impressive; in the Bulgarian and Italian round of the WorldChampionship he scored points in every 4 motos!

Yentel Martens

For the third round in The Netherlands our 2-stroke hero got company of Yentel Martens, also on a SX250; without a doubt the best 250 Two-Stroke man can buy.

Yentel did what he hadnt performed thus far on his 4-stroke in the first 2 GPs; he scored World Championship points in both motos! Cedric also scored points for his fifth consecutive heat but failed to finish in the second moto due to some crashes on the extreme Dutch sand-track.

So now not only are the 125ccs back on the GPs ,with their official European Championship to be held on 7 selected rounds and with many many competitors, but also we hear the wonderful and decent sound of two-strokes again in the MX1-GPs!!

Lots of good luck and success for Cedric and Yentel!!