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Racing WildWood- The Brawl on the Beach

by TSMgirl on 10/28/2013

Roller Coasters and Ferris Wheels created the backdrop this past weekend as TSM rolled into WildWood, NJ for The Brawl on the Beach.  Our Rider #535 Joey Peters went to battle in the sand for what turned out to be a great weekend.


The Brawl is the ONLY beach race held in the United States  The track is built completely out of sand, just off the boardwalk and a few hundreds yards from the ocean making the conditions unique to no other race.

The first 250 A Moto, Joey started mid pack and went to work making his way towards the front of the pack.  Battling with Chris Duymich, Joey was able to pass him in the whoops section taking control of 3rd place. A few turns ahead, 2nd place Dakota Kessler went down giving Joey those few extra seconds to catch up. The last few laps were amazing as Joey kept right on him waiting to make his move. It came right down the finish line where Kessler barely crossed the checkered flag ahead of Joey.  So Joey ended with a 3rd place finish for the first moto of the day with Jesse Pierce and Dakota Kessler taking 1st and 2nd respectively.


Out of the first turn for Moto 2 in the 250A class, Kessler went down and Joey took the 2nd position just behind Jesse Pierce. This time it was Kessler that spent the whole moto trying to play catch up to Joey. Joey rode aggressively and smart and held him off the entire time to take 2nd place in moto 2, for an overall 2nd in the 250A Class.


Open A first moto…..THE 2STROKE WITH THE HOLESHOT!!!! Joey flew out the gate made his own paths and came out of the first turn screaming. Leading for a few laps, with Kessler hot on his tail, a small bobble in some soft sand caused Joey to lose the lead.  Joey finished the moto in third, once again behind Kessler and Pierce.

Last Moto of the day Open A, Vet rider Greg “Frenchie” Pamart took the holeshot with the young bucks fighting for position right behind him.  Kessler made his way out front and Joey settled into 2nd.  With consistency and focus, Joey held second for the whole moto until the last lap. Just as he passed the white flag for the final lap, Joey had a mechanical issue with his brakes locking up and had to pull off the track, ending  the day with a DNF.


Joey Peters has amazing potential and is already showing he can be a top competitor for the upcoming SuperCross Season.  We were VERY proud of him this weekend as he focused on the task at hand, rode hard, rode well, and finished with amazing results for only his second time on the bike.


We would like to thank the Sponsors of The Brawl on the Beach. And a Special Thanks to MXPTV for amazing video coverage and thank you to Amy Peters and Joe Peters for all their help this weekend as well.  And as always, thank you to our fans for the continuous support. LIVE LONG AND BRAAAAAAAP!




Brawl on the Beach 250A Highlights

Brawl on the Beach Open A Highlights