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MotocrossQué 2stroke Fest

by JohnNicholas on 07/09/2010

It is under perfect skies that took place the first annual MotocrossQué 2stroke Fest. About 40 2 stroke motocross fans from across the province of Quebec, Canada got together last week end on the picturesque circuit of St-Marcel de l’Islet. We were there to cover the event and report to those who could not be there.

The most anxious arrived early Friday afternoon. A cozy village built up around a central fire place. As usual with’s Ride Days, the party and no-pressure atmosphere brought smiles on the lips of everybody involved, regardless of their skill level on the track.

Everybody took out their silky smooth riding style for Sunday, as two professional photographers came directly from Paris to witness the event. Their work will be available for everyone to see soon.

Some honorable mentions for the week-end: 17-year-old Émilie who drove across the Province all by herself in her beat up truck to come and ride her YZ125 with us. The two ponytails who finished their project just in time to show it to the world. Don’t forget Nick who doesn’t even ride and drove over 4 hours just to hear the smokers scream! And what about Dave who bought a brand new YZ250 especially for the occasion?

We’d like to conclude by thanking everyone who brought something to the table to make this event a success: Hipertech lubricants and for their prizes. Jay and Isabelle for their hospitality and for the event poster. Francis Fontaine and his partner for their photography work. René Thibault and Mick Blanchet for their incredible track and facility. Finally, thanks to all of those who made the trip for this memorable event!