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Red Bull X-Fighters – Taka Wins In Japan

by Charles Owens on 06/04/2013

The Outdoor Motocross series in the United States isn’t the only place where the mighty two-stroke is flying high.

X-Games gold medalist Taka Higashino won the Osaka leg of the Red Bull X-Fighters in his country of origin.


Higashino tackled the course on his two-stroke machine, as did 70% of the other riders on the night.

Taka Higashino (JPN) - Action

The 28-year-old defeated Frenchman Thomas Pagés in front of a large, enthusiastic crowd at the Osaka Castle in southern Japan.

“I can’t believe it,” Higashino said.

“Tom Pagés and I had a great final and I didn’t think that I’d won! It is an honor win here.”


In his first run of the night against fellow Frenchman David Rinaldo, Thomas Pagés threw together an outstanding set of tricks that resembled a skateboarding vert contest rather than freestyle motocross.

New Zealander and 2012 champion Levi Sherwood was knocked out in the quarter finals by Australian Rod Adelberg in a contest which no doubt upped the perspiration levels on all the judging team.

Wildcard Japanese rider Diasuke Suzuki qualified for the action and got a shot against the sport’s superstars at home, which happened to be the X-Fighters world tour’s first ever event in Asia.

Thomas Pagés sits on top of the X-Fighters table with 324 points in front of Rob Adelberg (265) and veteran Danny Torres (245).

By TSM Editor Paul Savage @PaulSavageNZ