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Mike Sleeter attempts to Qualify for Hangtown National on a Two-Stroke

by JohnNicholas on 05/31/2010

While this in nearly a week late.. itís important news for the two-stroke fans. KTM test rider/Pro Racer Mike Sleeter attempted to qualify for the opening round of the AMA Pro Motocross Series at Hangtown.

Here is Michealís qualifying time

46 111 Michael Sleeter KTM 250 SXF 2:21.094 0.000 Ė 2:21.094 Ė 2:27.164

Unfortunately he did not qualify for the National. Here are some photos from race day and a video from TransWorld Motocross. The following quote is from comments Mike Sleeter made on  Pro

Mike Sleeter. Photo by Brown Dog Wilson.

ďIt was such a blast riding the 2-stroke yesterday and I was a little upset that I didnít qualify seeing I know I had a little more in me. I rode a little tight but the cool thing is everyone commented on how fast my bike looked. Well everyone it was a bone stock motor and it rips! I put some suspension and an FMF fatty pipe on it and took it the races. After the weekend I really want to push to the AMA and MX sports that we need to let the 2-stroke in the lites class. Privateer riders would be competitve with power on a small budget. I rode Seales race bike last week back to back with my 250 2-stroke and the 250f is still easier to go fast so let a privateer race the 250 2-stroke in the lites class atleast he will have a fighting chance to get a good start.Ē

ďI wish it was just a power situation, but thats not the case bc the bike has plenty of power. itís the way the tracks lays out with 4-stroke power. You get larger breaking bumps bc of the engine break and the ruts arent that great of an arch bc riders point and shoot on 4-strokes where a 2-stroke has to get on the gas on the entry of the turner and carry your speed through the turn.Ē

ďOn a different note  the whole time I was going around the track in practice I was thinking I wish I was on the 350. I have logged more hrs on that bike then anyone in the US so I gues you could say I wasnít surpised the way the bike performed. Of course the rider still has to get it done so hats off the MA he rode his butt off! Also for all those guys that are claiming itís not a 350 and itís  big bore of some sort I just sit back and laugh bc you will have a 350 passing you up a hill very soon.Ē

In addition to Mike Sleeter there are a few other brave racers willing to attempt to qualify for AMA Pro Motocross Nationals on two-strokes in 2010. A huge thumbs up to all these racers.