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YZ125 Two-Stroke beats a field of 2010 YZ250F Yamaha’s at REM at Glen Helen

by JohnNicholas on 08/11/2009

The MXA coverage of this local race was in part because many of the magazines began testing the new 2010 motocross bikes. Racers from Motocross Action, Dirt Bike and Dirt Rider all competed in the event switching racing back-to-back motos on the new 2010 CRF25o and YZ250F.

This enables the magazines to get feedback from racers of all skills levels in racing conditions.

For the most part the racers on the new machines won many of their classes. But there were some exceptions…

In an interesting twist, the Yamaha test department came to REM this week to get some time and feedback on the 2010 YZ250F (and also to make sure that all the magazine test bikes were well cared for). Since there were so many Yamaha guys at the race, they decided yo get their own class for bragging rights back at the factory on Monday morning. It didn’t work out that way. With every Yamaha guy on a 2010 YZ250F they had a terrific intramural battle among themselves with Mitch Ulrich beating Jonathan Belding for in-house honors. Steve Butler had a little trouble staying on the track. The hitch was that MXA test rider Billy Musgrave was in the same race, but he elected to race a YZ125 two-stroke-he was gone in the first moto (including a holeshot). In the second moto Billy got a last place start, but by moto’s end had passed every other Yamaha on the track.

It’s possible to race a two-stroke at the local level and be competitive. Make sure you choose the bike that you want to race, based on your opinion and not by what everyone else is doing.

Yamaha showed up with a boatload of 2010 YZ250F's and held a special Yamaha-Only class. The race included lots of Yamaha test riders on the new bikes. Who won the race? MXA's Billy Musgrave decided to race his YZ125 two-stroke and managed to pass everyone in the Yamaha class to take a two moto sweep. Photo by MXA