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FMF 2 Stroke Invitational – Red Bud Edition

by JohnNicholas on 07/06/2009

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know the winner of the race held on July 4th in Red Bud. Ricky Carmichael. Was there any doubt?

What’s hard to believe is how little information there is about this race in any of the mainstream media. Sure it’s not a part of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championships and the bikes are not the ones that the manufacturers are currently selling (with the exception of Yamaha and KTM).

The buzz for the FMF 2 Stroke Invitational was high. Photo by Transworld Motocross

But according to first hand reports the amount of buzz and interest in the race was off the charts. There are folks clamoring for results, photos, video or any information about this race on the message boards and comment sections of the mainstream media web sites.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Here is what has been uncovered so far.

According to the results listed on the MXA web site the results for the top four racers is as follows.

1. Ricky Carmichael – Suzuki
2. Josh Lichtle – Honda
3. Josh Woods – Yamaha
4. Jeff Stanton – Honda

Lil' D the man of the hour, with Todd DeHoop. Photo by Transworld Motocross

Lil’ D from FMF just sent me an e-mail from his FMF powered iPhone saying “It was a great little event with huge success.” He promised to send some photos as soon as he got back to the office and caught up.

Lot’s of folks are interested in what the lap time differences were between RC on his two stroke and the racers in the other National classes.

In timed practice Josh Grant burned the fastest lap time on the course in the 450 class and Tommy Searle had the distinction of being fastest in the 250F class.

Josh Grant – 2:24.921
Tommy Searle – 2:26.818

Of course during timed practice the track is quite smooth. During a full day of racing the track gets beat up and rough. This tends to raise the lap times a bit.

In the second 250F moto Cristophe Pourcel’s fastest lap time was a 2:30.445 and his last lap time was a 2:34.452

In comparison Ricky Carmichael’s lap times for the three laps of the race were as follows.

First lap – 2:34
Second Lap – 2:36
Last lap – 2:46

Now when you take into consideration that Ricky Carmichael is a retired motocross racer and full-time NASCAR driver, these times are impressive. Certainly if he were to practice and train for motocross racing he would still be very competitive, if not down right dominate. Great job RC!

Ricky Carmichael pulling away from the field. Photo by Transworld Motocross

A friend attended the event at Red Bud and here is what he had to say;

“Redbud did switch the invitational around. The twins (friends that entered the race) were disappointed, but as I thought about it, I think it was a good thing. I want people to see the 2 strokes going fast and with stars on them.

RC got more cheers than any pro racer of the day. Ricky came around and overshot Larocco’s leap after the commentator had the nerve to ask him if he could clear it on a 2 stroke. Ricky said” I will do it in the race and overshoot it like I always do!” GO RC! RC did overshoot it on his second practice lap and broke his front wheel.  In the race he pancaked it upside down every time. It was awesome. Everyone cheered louder for him than anyone else the rest of the day.

They announced the moto as an “oldschool two stroke race” that pissed me off. Still trying to suppress the 2 stroke image to the general public and amateur riders. RC’s lap time on his first lap was only 5 seconds off the fastest lap of the day and RC only got two laps of practice that day and has not been in top condition.”

RC requesting permission to land. Photo by Steve Cox

Jaff Stanton raced his CR250 that was equipped with quite a few factory parts. Photo by Transworld Motocross

Suzuki installed a few factory parts on Ricky's bike. Photo by Transworld Motocross

More information to follow. This race was broadcast on the internet and with any luck will be archived sometime later today or tomorrow at the Alli Sports site (

This new video is from Allisports and is of the rider of the week. Ricky Carmichael racing his RM250 two stroke at Red Bud. Check out the awesome trophies that FMF supplied for the podium winners at the end of the video, they are awesome!

To view the above video at full screen resolution please visit;