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Glen Helen Two Stroke Challenge

by JohnNicholas on 08/21/2008

It was difficult finding results for this race! The following blurb was found in the August 2008 issue of MXA.


Since timed qualifying makes watching paint dry seem exciting, Glen Helen decided to spice up Saturday’s program with an invitational pro race for two-strokes only. Read that again! The sound of ringdings would not only be back, but with their own race.

Doug Dubach, Chuck Sun, Greg Albertyn, Ray Sommo, Richie Owens, David Pingree, “Factory Phil” Lawrence, Tony Amaradio, Carter Gurnee and 30 other throwbacks lined up on a variety of machinery.

Richie Owens used a 500cc two-stroke to get the holeshot, but the chalk line that paid the $500 bonus
was a long way around the corner, and when Owens chopped for the turn, Greg Albertyn, on a 2004 RM250 (with a works engine), nipped Richie for the cash. Owens immediately paid Albee back by using sheer horsepower to blow by the Suzuki on the way up Mt. Saint Helen. Ultimately, when Owens chopped again for the bottom of the big downhill, Albee went by and set sail.

As the moto wore on, Phil Lawrence moved up and made the pass for second, while Doug Dubach charged from a miserable start up to fifth place (using the triple step-up to jump over the back markers). Greg Albertyn earned $1900 from sponsor L.A. Sleeve for conducting his riding lesson.

The nostalgia of hearing the two-strokes hit the corners wide open had the fans oohing and aahing about how great it was to see two-strokes again.