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2009 BYMX Championship – 85cc BW Champ Ryan Houghton

by Chris Barker on 09/30/2009

The 2009 BYMX Championship in the UK saw some terrific battles and title chases, none more spectacular than the 85bw class. This class now has some exotic and expensive 150f machines powering around the circuits, but it was the 85cc KTM of Ryan Houghton that took a very deserved Championship win.

Ryan battled his way all season against the 4st’s with some supurb racing and dogged performance’s knowing he could take the crown although he was outgunned. His ”Danger UK KTM” squad arrived at the very first round with high expectation’s as Ryan enjoys the sand at the Mildenhal venue, Ryan had his 85 pinned everywhere and took moto wins and his first overall victory of the season, surprising plenty of people who thought the 4st exotica would walk away with the glory.

On the gas with feet on the pegs through a banked corner. Photo by James Williams

Ryan took the second round by storm dominating racing and extending his Championship lead and getting engine tested along the way, we still find it ‘funny’ that an 85cc gets tested in a feild of 150cc’s ! There were some circuits that certainly favoured the 150 with baked hard surface which had the 2st’s scrambling for grip, at these Ryan switched his program to run in the lead group and stay safe, yes he had some luck, mostly with the 150f’s still being unreliable as dnf’s cost those guys for sure, there where highs and lows for Ryan all season like punctures that spat tyres off rim’s and he then carried his machine over the line for those important points, as well as some great holeshot’s moto wins and more overall wins, infact the team nailed down a 100% finish score with no dnf’s.

The humble little 2st proved that if your fast enough you can do well on an 85 and it was good to see other 85?s getting in the top ten overall for the year, proving you dont need a 4st to go fast !

Roosting through the deep sand. Photo by James Williams

The spoils of victory. Photo by James Williams

2009 BYMX 85cc BW Champion Ryan Houghton. Photo by James Williams