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Jim Davies crowned 2009 British 125 Two Stroke Champion

by Paul Harris on 09/17/2009

TM UK’s Jim Davies survived an incident-packed meeting at Wakes Colne on Sunday to seal the 2009 Fuchs Silkolene British 125 championship. A regular in the series since its first incarnation back in 2005, Jim took third overall on the day, which was enough to clinch the title with a round remaining – “I had a few problems on the day”, he said. “It never goes too smoothly! In the first moto, I backed off going into the first corner as I didn’t want to hit anyone or fall off, but I was way too cautious! I rode steady for the first half of the moto, then started to pull through and got sixth. “

Davies railing a hard-packed berm.

“In the second , I decided to change the way I was riding and stop thinking about the Championship too much, so I went into the first corner my normal self, but the whole moto my bike was playing up, coughing and spluttering around the track. Then, third lap in, I was convinced I had a puncture – the front wheel was all over the place, moving in the air, washing out in corners, coming out of ruts and just being a handful to control, but I managed to finish 3rd with an ill engine, 10 spokes missing and a collapsed wheel! In the third moto, I had a sweet start but the bike was still ill, lacking top end, but I felt I wasn’t doing too bad. All in all, it was a VERY nerve wrecking day – I’m so glad it’s over, I can relax now!”

Only one more race as #444 for Jim - next year, he's #1...

A fairly eventful meeting, then! Has that been typical of this season?

“Well, the season, where do I start!?! Being consistent has been the key,, as being third or better in every round has helped me out. Injuries on the other hand, haven’t! I’ve had broken ribs, I tore the end of my index finger off, I’ve got leg injury that needs to be operated on in October, I’ve got a suspected broken clavicle from Cusses… The list goes on!”

Jim thrills the post-race crowd with a stirring rendition of Abba's Winner Takes It All. (Just kidding!)

“But, apart from the injuries, everything has been great. I’d like to say a big thank you to Mike and Nick at TM UK, Steve at Kleenrite, my mechanic Bobs, Electraction, Kleenrite and Hydramaster, and I’ve also had support from ELF, Pirelli, UFO, Pro-Clean, Carbone Lorraine, Regina, Renthal and my beautiful fiancee Lauren. Thank you everyone!”