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Is it Time for a Diet? FMF KTM300 Project Bike

by JohnNicholas on 07/16/2009

The folks over at FMF are always looking for new and better ways to improve bikes. This time they decided to try their hands at getting the weight of a KTM300 down under 200lbs.

The specifications from KTM offer a dry weight of 221.34ibs… so add some oil and gas the bike ballons up over 230lbs.

Over a six month period the guys over at FMF went back and forth asking what could be lightened or removed. But they didn’t want to go to excessively expensive means to get the weight down. But with a little thought and a bunch of trial and error they were able to get the weight down to 199.2 lbs!

The real weight of the FMF KTM 300 Project bike.

Look for a full test in Dirt Rider magazine very soon. While your waiting for the issue to come out, enjoy this video from Dirt Rider.

The FMF project bike on the scale.