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Used, Abused and Approved

by JohnNicholas on 07/06/2009

Riding on the crest of a wave in P/R terms, Maico International have gone one step further in their crusade by becoming the first company in the world to endorse the full range of Maxima oils products.

Based in the U.K., Maico International bosses Vincent Page and his partner Lesley White along with one of their riders, and head mechanic Neil Berry have been vigorously testing all the products with their high performance two stroke range of bikes and are at a loss to find anything negative to report about the performance of any the Maxima products.

“You know what it’s like when someone gives a you a can of something and tells you it’s the best thing they have ever used, I’ve heard it all before, but Maxima’s chain wax is quite simply the best chain product I have ever put on a chain” said Neil Berry who prepares all three of Maico Internationals race bikes on a weekly basis. “Like all of Maxima’s products you just know it will do exactly what it says it will, We are now getting daily enquiries from companies around the world with regards to distribution of the new Maico’s and everyone asks what oils we run them on, when we tell them we use Maxima it seems to add a certain re-assurance to their enquiry”.

With new bikes being shipped to Sweden and Australia this week both Maico Sweden and Maico Australia bosses are already talking to the Maxima distributors in their country, keen to continue the link with the high quality brand.