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LIL D from FMF Checks In

by JohnNicholas on 08/22/2008

Received a note from FMF racing today. These guys rock!

Shown below are the two stroke ads that the great folks at FMF designed in support of two strokes. They are awesome! Click on the link under the small photo for a full size image.

Here is the reply from FMF about the new site design;

“Looks great we will keep in touch as we are working very hard on bringing the 2-stk back as well.”

Donny Emler Jr. A.K.A ” LIL D ”
FMF/ SPY Optic Marketing deb*o*nair

Time to ride.

Brew up some fun.

I love 2 strokes.

Simply Fun.

Ying Yang.

When you need pipes, silencers or anything else for your two stroke please consider using FMF.

Thank you Donny, Jeff, Dan and Kevin for your awesome support of two strokes!