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2000cc V4 Two Stroke Engine?

by JohnNicholas on 06/18/2009

Imagine having at your control the power of 2,000cc’s of two stroke power! Well a group down in New Zealand has commissioned an engine for a special purpose.

From the video below it appears that the motor uses 4 Honda CR500 cylinders to create the V4 configuration. Most people after watching the video of the engine being tested on a dyno have complained that the power of only 200bhp sounds a bit low.

Does the sweet sound of that machine make you smile?

This is probably quite true depending on what the use of the motor is for. As you can see it uses a straight pipe configuration and would certainly make more power using expansion chambers, but again first we need to discover the use before we ask why not more power.

With a little research we find the use of this 2000cc monster two stroke is for a product called the Martin Jetpack. Yes you read that correctly a Jetpack.

The Martin Jetpack in flight.

Depending on your age you might be thinking of Buck Rogers or possibly the articles in Popular Science about the future of travel or maybe a comic book hero. In any case the idea of flight using a Jetpack has captured the imagination of almost every young man at one time or another.

The Martin Jetpack ( is the brainchild of New Zealand inventor Glenn Martin. It’s defined by the FAA as an “experimental ultralight airplane equipped with a V-4 piston engine and two ducted fans that provide lift.”

The 2000cc V-4 power will provide the enthusiast enough energy to stay aloft for up to 30 minutes and at altitudes of up to 8,000 feet!

This is a complicated craft to pilot and requires 15 hours of flight training as well as undergoing a “safety screening’ before you can take off on your own.

Although the price tag will keep the traffic in the skies down to a reasonable level. The cost for one of these babies? A cool $100.000.

These couple of videos will demonstrate how this machine takes to the skies. With one of these you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic heading into town.

Still I’d love to see this motor decked out with more horsepower and set into a motorcycle frame. Imagine those possiblities!