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Ryan Powell – Why I switched to a Two Stroke

by JohnNicholas on 06/11/2009

I have been riding regularly for the past six to seven years.  I progressed from the 80 to the 85 then started riding a 250f. After riding and racing the 250f for almost five years, I was ready for a new bike.  I really excelled on the 250f and I really think/thought it was a great bike.  By that time I was competitive in the C class on the AMA level.

The bike purchase decision was an extremely tough one.  It was the beginning of this year when I started looking and there were just so many options.  I was really looking at buying the 2009 CRF450R, because i was coming off of a Honda, and I really wanted more power.  I am a very thorough person when checking out a purchase, and buying a new dirt bike was a high priority.  After enduring the 2009 bikes being released and even then waiting on the tests to come out.  (I usually check all the bike tests and comparisons to help me choose, I particularly think MXA has a good brain on bike tests)

Ryan flying high on his Yamaha YZ250 two stroke.

Well,,,after all the research and forum reading and everything, I did not know what to buy.  None of the current
450s really caught my eye.  They all seemed to have some problem…  Then I saw the 250 two stroke.  After researching the smokers, I started to sway my thinking.

They are lighter, cheaper to maintain, faster, and are solid motocross bikes.  Granted the 450s are great bikes too, but one thing that I hated about my 250f was  just waiting on the engine to explode.  After one year on the motor, I just didnt know what to do.  They are finicky, replace parts BOOM, dont replace parts BOOM $$$$$$$$$$

No More

I bought the Yamaha YZ250 for 5+  Reasons

1. Great suspension -the SSS stuff was a big sell point for me because my stuff hasnt been great in the past

2. Great motor -the YZ250 has one of the most highly regarded engines as far as two strokes go but in my opinion it is a better power plant than the 250f.  It produces instant power that can get you over huge obstacles in the deepest dirt.

3. Maintenance -Probably the greatest sell point for me.  One fifty for a top end rebuild.  Period and I can do it in my garage, easily.

4. Weight  -This bike feels about the same as my 250f, but the power makes it feel lighter, it really is awesome!

5. FUN -I always heard that the two strokes are more fun, well I heard right.  I have waaay more fun on this thing than the 250f.

Now after riding and racing the bike over the past three months, I must say.  It probably is the best motocross bike produced to date. That’s not a joke.

Check out the composition of the dirt in Georgia.

You can take the MXA magazine for example.  They had one with all of the 250fs all of the 450fs and the YZ250 tests.  On the plus/minus areas for the bikes every single 450 had a  bad list,  every single 250f had bad a list,  and the YZ250 had what ?  The fact that R&D stopped, thats it.

I recommend everyone try the two stroke side.  not because it is rebellious or that they are so awesome.  It will make the sport better. Quieter. Lower the cost for the long term rider or racer.  No worries about costly engine malfunctions.  Go with fast and simple. Go with fun.

If you can’t tell I  absolutely love my bike.  After racing it, I think it is the best bike ever made.  Holeshotting 450s made me a believer. : )

Ryan posted a race report on one of the message boards. It is re-printed here for your reading pleasure.

I raced my YZ250 out at Bremen Race Park down here in GA on Saturday night. It was great weather, perfect dirt, and my first race on this bike. the last race I did was like a year ago on a four stroke

Man! I Love this bike more than ever now!  I raced the 450C and the 250C classes.  I wanted to see how it stacked against both of the classes. The result? The two stroke is soooo goooood!

I did the same in moto two, holeshot to check out. I was having a great time out front, one of the only guys tripling out of the first turn and tripling the big jump in the middle.

In the 250f class, it was just pitiful. I holeshot them both times like three or four lengths, and after tripling out of the first turn, i was at a comfortable lead already. just as in the 450 class, I holeshot both motos and checked out.

You should of seen the 250f Dads looking at me! I was one of three two stroke two fifties out there and the only Yamaha, and they were grillin me when I came to the gate for moto 2.

I was slightly unsure of buying this “aged” machinery, this ring dinger, this “old” technology. But in truth it is such a Great Motocross bike! Any doubts before are long gone =)

Representin for the smokers,

Keep it roostin and thanks for helping keep the 2st alive.

Ryan collecting the "Gold" at Bremen Race Park.