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Service Kawasaki KX 500AF – MXA Test

by JohnNicholas on 06/10/2009

Here is the test that everyone wants to know about. Contained in the May 2009 issue of Motocross Action magazine is the test of the Service Kawasaki KX500AF.

The folks over at MXA spent some quality time with the KX 500AF from Service Kawasaki. What did they think of the bike? Well here you go.

Imagine, for a minute, the perfect motocross bike. Let your mind wander to the unfathomable, unrealistic ideas. Draw up a sketch of the machine on paper, and don’t forget the vivid details. Odds are you would want to construct a motocross bike with a light, narrow, compact chassis. Cradled in the frame would be a potent engine with plentiful horsepower, yet one that was smooth and easy to ride. Now imagine that this dream can become a reality, because that’s what the MXA wrecking crew thought last year when we tested Service Honda’s CR500AF.

Service Honda opted for the Monster Energy KX250F edition. The mostly black ensemble made the KX500AF look lethal, even when sitting on the stand. The green hubs and graphics were a nice touch. Photo by MXA

The million-dollar question is which is better, a modern KX500 or a modern four-stroke? Photo by MXA

Out of the 40 hours needed to create the KX500AF, only two hours were spent on the engine. The rest was spent reworking the frame and radiators. Photo by MXA.

To read the entire test please click on this link.

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