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Maico about to Splashdown in Sweden

by JohnNicholas on 05/19/2009

As the off road motorcycle world wakes up to the fact that two strokes are still very much alive and kicking fuelled by the recent announcement of a two stroke class in this years American A.M.A. championships the one company that has remained “true to the two stroke” is pleased to announce an official distributor in Sweden, yes the legendary Maico is due to land on Swedish shores very soon.

Maico 500 Cross

Re-introducing the brand to the Swedish off road fraternity is “Tom Wiberg of Hi-Tek Norden A.B.” who has been watching the steady growth of the marque for some time and after several months of encouraging talks with global distributors Maico International has secured the contract to expand the distribution throughout Sweden.

A spokesman for Maico International told us “Our network of distributors is building steadily and despite the economic climate that is meant to be so bad, sales are up, Tom Wiberg already has an established business and off road sector and is keen to establish Maico as the prominent two stroke bike and we are looking forward to working with his company to achieve this.

The outrageous range of two stroke bikes include 250cc 320cc 500cc 620cc and the phenomenal 700cc, which pumps out a staggering 82B.H.P. in standard form, but like the Maicos of old they thrive on that amazing power band which pulls smoothly right from idle. With such a wide range available the choice is made even more enviable by the option of M.X. Enduro and Supermoto styles with all models coming standard with Reiger shock, H.G.S. pipe, White Power forks, Brembo brakes, and Hydraulic Clutch, as well as a selection of colour schemes.

For more information on Maico In Sweden Please contact Tom Wiberg on
Or Phone
+46 32151178
+46 706637274

Neil Berry on the Maico 320 Cross

Former Factory Rider Keith Ree on a new Maico 500