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New from the Two Stroke Shop – 1100cc Triple!

by JohnNicholas on 04/25/2009

No, this is not a mis-print! Yes the guys down under at the Two Stroke Shop have dedicated themselves to building powerhouse two stroke street machines.

The newest machine to come out of their shop is the Kawasaki 1100cc triple. This looks to be an amazing machine by all accounts.

Here is a quote form their web site.

Mainstream motorcycle manufacturers may have consigned two-strokes to the too-hard basket, but here at the Two-Stroke Shop (TSS) we’re very much in the here and now of championing the advancement of two-stroke development.

We’re into building exciting cutting-edge machines that can run with the best of today’s four-strokes – all while delivering more thrills, and in lighter, ultra-dynamic packages. We also supply vital parts to keep classic two-stroke bikes alive and well, from air and liquid-cooled street bikes, motocrossers and race bikes.

The Two Stroke Shop's 1100cc engine.

The 1100cc triple under construction.

In addition to the two stroke triple the guys at the TSS also build and supply two stroke kits and parts for Street bikes, motocrossers and race bikes.

The TSS Rs500 GP bike is an example of the craft and dedication that they devote to their machines. This machine began as an idea to fit a “Cheetah 485cc engine in an Aprilia RS250 chassis”.

There was an enormous interest in this machine from people all over the world. It seems that the two strokes are missed by more than just us motocross guys.

The TSS RS500 GP

Below is a video of the RS500GP bike. Man does that sound awesome or what?

Please visit the Two Stroke Shop web site. There is a bunch of interesting information about what they do and the bikes that they offer.