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Bob Decker – Claverack 125cc Race

by JohnNicholas on 04/25/2009

A few months ago we found that there was a calling fr a class to race two stroke 125cc machines in our area. After speaking with one of the local track promoter’s they agreed to add the class, as long as there was enough interest. The date was set for May 17th.

But an amazing turn of events, mostly a bunch of phone calls to the promoter from excited racers convinced them that they should also offer the class on opening day. With a little over two weeks before the event the news was announced on the District web site.

A total of 25 racers signed up for the class!

One of the racers wrote about his experience during the 125 race. Introducing Bob Decker.

” When the call to the gate came over the loud speakers for the 125 two stroke class, I must say I was a little apprehensive. You must understand that I am 65 years of age and 99.9% of the rest of the class was composed of 15 year olds and up.

But true to form being a charter member of the 2 STROKE MILITIA, I felt it my duty to race with the 125?s and just maybe it could turn out to be a regular race on the day’s card at different tracks in the MSC SCHEDULE.

Bob Decker blasting on his Suzuki RM125.

CLAVERACK MX TRACK is with out question an old school race track. You are in some great country and the track winds through fields and drop offs and great up hill terrain. All the riders in this class were a lot faster
then I was and I was glad to see a lot of youngsters that I personally know signed up for this race.

Sometimes you can a little spoiled by racing on some of the other tracks that are groomed flat with no ruts and
no rocks and no off camber up hill turns, but this is what mx racing is all about. The rider has to be able to adjust all the time to changing track conditions.

I had a great time during the race and after the race, talking to most of the riders and telling them how fast
they passed me and how good it felt to be with them out there.

The 125 two stroke class was just that, no 144?s- no 250 f’s and no b-s. Like the old saying go’s–RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG, AS LONG AS IT ‘S A 2 STROKE.”

Bob Decker–107

Here is a brief video from the start of the first moto.

This experience shows that you can bring two stroke racing back to your area. With just a few questions to the right people you can ask your local promotor to add the class. Even if it is only a one off event.

Then build some excitement about the event by letting as many people know about it as you can. In fact once you get your event set up, contact us here at TSM and we will also publish the date!

For those racers in close proximity to Claverack, NY bring  your 125cc race bikes on May 17th for a fun day of racing. This race will be video taped for this site. See you there!

Here is the web site for Claverack.

The natural terrain of Claverack Motocross.