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RacerHead #10 a must read for Two Stroke Fans

by JohnNicholas on 03/13/2009

If you haven’t seen this you must read it. Here is the whole situation straight from Davey Coombs.

My favorite quotes from the article include,

If you don’t believe that, check out the test Donn from Transworld did with Jason Lawrence at Perris last week, where he was a second and a half faster on the two-stroke than the four-stroke—on a 45-second track. After Jason rode the bike, Donn asked him for the bottom line: “My opinion right now is the 250 two-stroke kills it,” answered Lawrence, who was licking his chops at the prospect of using a smoker this summer.

And this one….

Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Stanton recently told me the same thing: a two-stroke still has it in spades over a four-stroke of equal displacement. Ricky reminded me that in 2005, James Stewart was right there with him on a KX250 in the outdoor nationals, though he did not actually beat him.

Please take the few minutes to read the entire first part of the editorial. It will show you what exactly we are struggling against to get our beloved two strokes back out into the Pro Ranks.