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MythBusters Puts The Service Honda 500AF To The Test

by Charles Owens on 06/04/2013

It’s not every day that you pick up the phone and on the other line is Jamie Hyneman of the blockbuster show MythBusters. You can bet we were stoked when he asked about our Service Honda 500AF 2-Stroke. We believe the 500AF is one of the fastest, lightest and most durable bikes on the market, and if there’s anyone willing to put it to the test, it’s the crew of MythBusters, a show dedicated to testing the enduring myths, odd ball claims, and incredulous stories that we all wonder about.


If you’ve ever watched the show, then you know that explosions, crashes, and amazing stunts are more than just common – they’re the bread and butter for co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

We were thrilled to hear what Jamie and his pals had in store for our Honda 500AF and to assist the MythBusters crew in pulling off the test safely. In the episode, which airs on Wednesday, June 5th, Jamie will attempt to ride (water ski!) across the surface of a lake on a Service Honda 500AF.

That’s right, you might just get to see the Honda 500AF water ski if you tune in for the episode on Wednesday. Want to find out the results? We’ll give you a full lowdown on whether Jamie (and the Service Honda 500) sank or swam as soon as the episode airs.

Our Service Honda 500AF has been used for some pretty awesome stunts in the past (Robbie Maddison’s 279-foot jump over the Corinth Canal comes to mind), but nothing quite like what Jamie and Adam had in mind. The Service Honda 500AF was the perfect choice for the stunt. We’ve custom-built this bike to be extremely powerful, lightweight and durable. In fact, we think it offers the absolute best power-to-weight ratio of any bike built today.


Also, just for the record, we didn’t do anything special to the bikes we provided for MythBusters. What you see in the episode is what every customer gets when they purchase a 500AF.

We were also very glad to help the test take place. Service Honda sent two of our guys to the filming to consult and guide the MythBusters crew. The result was so memorable that Jamie has listed it as one of his top ten moments throughout the show’s ten-year history!

You got to see what happens. Remember, the show airs this coming Wednesday, June 5th on the Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for times.
Oh… and one more thing – PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS STUNT AT HOME!

Post Show Update:

Check back after June 5th for the inside scoop!

In the meantime enjoy this video of Robbie Maddison hucking a Service Honda 500AF across the Corinth Canal in Greece.