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Coming Soon? KTM Fuel Injected Two Stroke

by JohnNicholas on 02/15/2009

ktm_powervalveIt appears that KTM has Fuel Injection ready for two stroke motocross bikes. In the August 2008 issue of Motocross Digital magazine (free subscription available at ) was the following blurb about the KTM effort.

The 250SX could have a bright future, it depends on what happens regarding the rules and regulations: KTM wants them to be introduced to MX2 to allow teams that donít have millionaire budget to compete against the 4-strokes.  For the 2-stroke, the injection is ready, and this would provide cleaner and precise power delivery.

While the idea of fuel injection for two-strokes has been talked about and discussed, there has been little to indicate that it would be workable on a racing two-stroke motocross bike. This news points to the fact that KTM has been working on it for quite some time and seems to have solved the issues that prevented fuel injection for racing two-strokes.

Since this article in Motocross Digital was written some changes have been announced in the FIM rules to allow two-strokes to compete with four-strokes in MX2 (250cc). There are also rumblings that this rule will be applied to the AMA Outdoor Nationals for 2009.

So there is a good chance the Fuel Injected 250SX KTM will be hitting the tracks in the very near future. This is great news for all the two stroke fans of the world.

Two thumbs up for the folks at KTM!