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Media Release – Maico Motorcycles 2013 Launch

by Charles Owens on 02/27/2013 to cover launch of new Maico two-stroke models

Representatives from (TSM) will travel to England this year for the launch of several brand new models from two-stroke bike manufacturer Maico Motorcycles, TSM owner Charles Owens said today.

“We are honored to be invited to such an exciting event,” Mr Owens said.

“Not only is this excellent for Maico Motorcycles as a manufacturer, it is also fantastic news for two-stroke riders around the world.”

The popularity of the two-stroke engine has been clawing back more and more every year and the resurgence of Maico Motorcycles as a manufacturer is a clear example of this in action,” he said.

TSM has received an exclusive invitation from Maico Motorcycles to cover the launch and will be the only media from the United States present at the event.

Below is a 380 and 250 development model piloted by Neil Berry. No media will be released on the new line until the event in England. Stay tuned for more details.

Neil Berry with a development 380


Maico Motorcycles

Be sure to stay tuned to TSM and Maico Motorcycles on facebook for additional details and media.