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TSM Tested: Lightning Throttle Tube

by Charles Owens on 01/04/2013

TSM Product Test – Lightning Throttle Tube by RollOn Throttle

We tested the Throttle Tube on our ’05 KX 125. The Throttle kit includes the Tube (larger cam) as well as a modified pulley to clear the cam. The kit we used will fit Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Two Strokes, these retail for $69.75. There is also a kit available for Honda and KTM’s, which retails for $44.75. They include a 1 year “no wear, no break” warranty.


What is it?

The Lightning Throttle is designed with a larger cam to shorten the rotation of the throttle grip. More throttle with less twist. Think of it as a larger sprocket for your throttle.


ksyl2 pulley


Installing the Lightning Tube is just as easy as installing any other OEM or aftermarket tube. The only extra step is popping out the old pulley (reuse your stock bushing) and inserting the new modified pulley in its place.

Details from RollOn:

“Lightning gives you an automatic over grip which allows you to improve your body position, react faster on starts, lessen arm pump and exit corners quicker. How? Most riders do not over grip to get their throttle wide open every time they twist it and have good body position. Do you?

To find out, sit on your bike and grip the throttle like you normally do. Did you over grip before you grabbed hold. Most don’t. If you didn’t, you’ll benefit from either practicing the over grip, using our Lightning or even better do both.

Try this to discover the difference Lightning makes. Grip the throttle again normally. Don’t over grip, just grasp it and twist it wide open. Make note of your shoulder, elbow and wrist. Now put your hand on the throttle and over grip 1 inch by watching your knuckles rotate away from you. Then grasp and twist. Your shoulder will hardly dip, your elbow will be 3 to 4 inches higher and your wrist will not be bent until it locks. This is the best body position to attack the track or trail.

There’s a problem with the 1 inch over grip. We all forget to do it. That where the Lightning helps. It does it for you, every time you twist the throttle. Lightning gives you from 9 to 15% automatic over gripping. You can easily get a wheel length advantage on every start, your body position is much better to maintain control in rough or sketchy situations, you are more relaxed reducing effort, energy and arm pump, you’ll actually begin to accelerate sooner out of every corner and we guarantee you’ll have more fun.

If you’re one of the majority that automatically over grips, you’ll gain even more performance with the Lightning.

If you have compromised motion wrist movement, you know how hard it is to get your throttle wide open. If you have limited flexion motion (bending the wrist towards the palm), regripping itself is difficult. You may not be able to bend your wrist enough to get the 1 inch over grip.  If you have limited extension motion (bending away from the palm) but you can still over grip, try the lightning anyway as it will make it just that more effective. If you have both, the Lightning is a must have.”

What do we think?

Overall this is a good product, most will find it well worth the money.

We noticed a difference immediately, even more so once we removed it from the bike.

The product doesn’t offer any HP gains, but it does get you your HP quicker and more efficiently.

Much faster throttle response with less twisting on the grip. We like the product and will continue testing on our race bikes. Stay tuned later in the season for detailed rider reports and quality details.

TSM Rating 1-5

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