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500cc Two Stroke Annual Meeting Nunspeet Netherlands

by JohnNicholas on 01/13/2009

This meeting is the brainchild of Remy Aust. A Dutch racer with a preference for 500cc two strokes. In his collection of bikes are two Honda CR500 motocrossers.

As an introduction to Remy, its a good idea to watch these two short videos from a beach race in Holland. The first one is from 2005 and the second one is from 2007. Remy is riding bike number 43 against a field consisting of mostly 450 four strokes.



The following is what Remy shared about the annual 500cc meeting.

This day its all about the big fat 2-strokes. Older bikes, new bikes, monoshocks, twinshocks.. everybody with a 400cc (or more) dirtbike is welcome!

High flying KX500.

So no KTM 380?s, 360 CZs etc. Big pistons, large strokes and big transfer ports are obliged.

Its not a race, just a pleasant meeting of enthusiastics! The first edition of 2006 was a big succes. Therefore we decided to make it an annual returning event.

The intention is making 2 groups (A and B, depends on the amount of riders. 3 Groups is also an option). The faster riders (A) and of course the little less faster guys (B). We also ride together (A + B) of course, but some want to ride their own pace without thinking about getting lapped or something. And the faster guys dont want to zigzag through the pack.


The gates of our track will open at 8.00am. That will give you some time to change and talk a bit with other riders.
At 10.00am the home-grounds open for training (all together), followed by subjoined scheme:

10.00am 11.00am > group A+B
11.00am 11.30am > break
11.30am 12.00am > group A+B (combined start + free riding)
12.00am 12.30am > B group
12.30am 01.00pm > A group
01.00pm 01.30pm > break
01.30pm 02.00pm > B group
02.00pm 02.30pm > A group
02.30pm 03.00pm > B group
03.00pm 03.30pm > A group
03.45pm 04.00pm > group A+B (combined start + free riding)

So its not really a competing event (not really).

500cc riders going through the first turn.

The first year I organized it we had 1 supermanche for all people who would like to race each other for a trophy. Last year we didnt because we are obliged to put marshalls on every jump and almost every corner. Impossible for me to get done because its during the summer..

The idea of organizing an 500 2-stroke event was brought up on a forum.. everybody loved to ride with each other but no one knew where and how etc. Im a panel member at a local motocross track so it wasnt hard for me to set it all up. And so the first treffen was born in 2005 :-)

It aint no big event.. every year like about 30-40 participants.. Nothing fancy, but very cosy though. Last year we also had some former GP 500 riders participating and as spectators. Very fun :-)

Some people bring their (homemade) stuff to sell it to oneanother. CNC alu stuff or original Honda, Maico, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc. parts.

Thanks for posting ! :-)


There is a site for the Annual 500cc meeting






Time honored tradition of bench racing. Dutch version.