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2009 Husqvarna CR125 Motocross

by JohnNicholas on 01/10/2009

2009 Husqvarna CR125

Husqvarna still believes in two-stroke engines especially for the 125 class and this engine size remains the entry point for many young riders wishing to join the world of motocross.

The little two-stroke 125 now has a completely new frame whose geometry stems from the four-stroke models. This new unit is more comfortable, lighter and more reliable. The layout and appearance have been totally redesigned with 80% of the components being new. Great care was taken during component design so as to improve both ease of assembly and the machine s appearance.

New components include tank and filler cap, seat, side panels, front mudguard, radiator guard, filter box and frame protectors. The riding position is now much improved especially regarding the fuel tank area. The newly designed frame is made from oval and box section steel tubing that provides a stronger and lighter structure. The new frame also means that there are changes to the geometry, wheelbase, steering angle and weight distribution. The footpegs have been moved forward by 15 mm and the seat height has decreased of 10mm.

Husqvarna created a compact 125cc engine for 2009.

The seat is more comfortable and its new shape provides a better riding position and makes it easier for the rider to change position. The air filter box too has a completely new, more compact design. The rear suspension has a new Soft Damp system with a new leverage ratio and progression curve. This means less load on the frame and chain tension effect is optimised as is traction.

The new tubular, aluminium swing arm features an asymmetric geometry extruded box aluminium centre housing an off-set shock absorber. The brakes are Wave type discs for improved stopping power even under extreme conditions. The engine now features a new 38 mm Mikuni TMX carburettor as well as the new V Force 3 reed valve system and newly designed inlet manifold. Exhaust system and silencer are completely new.

This is a test of the 2009 Husqvarna CR125 by Motocross Digital

Here are a few more photos of the 2009 Husqvarna CR125.





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