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Canada Considering Two Strokes in the MX2 class – Vote Now

by JohnNicholas on 01/07/2009

Canada is facing some of the same challenges as the rest of the world and we at the Two Stroke Militia want to help. There is new web site for Canadian Motocross fans called Direct Motocross (DMX) The site is run by Danny Brault along with a support team from Racer X Canada alumni.

They are currently running a poll on whether the two stroke should be able to compete in the MX2 class and frankly I need your help.

These polls are a great way to tell the manufacturers, sanctioning bodies, sponsors and fans what we truly desire. And sometimes they actually listen and make changes based on the feedback from these things.

Please head over to DMX and vote in the poll. For those of you that are members of various message boards please pass the link along and ask our two stroke brethren to vote as well. The poll can be found here

Thank you for your help.

In addition below is an excerpt from an interview with Andy White, who is the KTM Canada motocross race director. He has some interesting things to say.

Andy White KTM Canada MX Race Director. Photo by DMX

I’ve read some debates on the forums regarding the possibility of 250 two-strokes being allowed to race in the MX2 class. Has Mark Stallybrass discussed this with you at all?
He has not brought it up, but in the U.S., they are allowing the two-stroke in the 250F class. I think two-strokes are still important in our industry. One of our best selling units is our two-stroke off-road units, the 250s and 300s; they are what our top off-road riders choose.

Would you support that change if it were proposed?
Definitely. We build a really strong SX 250; it’s a rocketship. If I had a rider who can ride a two-stroke just as good, I would definitely entertain the idea of him competing on one. And we sell a lot of these things, so it makes sense for us to market these, like we did with Jacqueline Ross and the 144.

Would it be cheaper for you to support a rider on a two-stroke 250 opposed to a 250F?
For a privateer, I would say a two-stroke is cheaper, but because we have our motors done by KTM USA, we don’t pay $3,000 to $5,000 an engine like Pro Circuit, FMF or MDK. A Bondi two-stroke engine, you’d pay, what, $500? For a factory team, it really isn’t any cheaper because it’s all done in house. The parts may end up being a little more, but it wouldn’t be much cheaper. A two-stroke 250 racing against a 250F would be incredible to see, though.

If you would like to read the entire interview please go to this page