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Motorcycle USA 250cc MX Shootout

by JohnNicholas on 01/02/2009

The crew over at Motorcycle just finished up their shootout of the latest 250Fís and they decided to add a YZ250 two stroke. Unfortunately they did not really include the YZ250 in the shootout, but they did ask their test riders impressions.

Here are a few quotes.

Sherri Cruse Ė WMA Pro
ďBy far the best bike of the test ride. Although it wasnít actually included in the test, it was fun getting the chance to ride the 2-stroke again. It sounds like theyíre letting the 250?s ride in the (amateur) 250F class, and personally I think itís a great idea! If the women get a chance to ride them in WMA I will definitely get my hands on one. I know I would ride one at Southwick, but some of the other tracks I would go back to the 4-stroke. I would jump around a little bit.Ē

Yamaha YZ250 vs YZ250F

Alvin Zalamea Ė Vet Expert
I shouldíve bought a brand new Ď09 Yamaha 250 2-stroke. Instead I bought a new CRF450R for $8300 out the door and put 1000 bucks in suspension from Enzo. Thatís stupid! Street bikes sell for less. Iím seriously thinking of selling it and buying a YZ250. Iíve just gotten so lazy on the 4-strokes that Iím starting to forget how to ride. I just recently rode with Greg Albertyn at Milestone and heís riding a 2004 RM250 and heís spanking all those new-school, bubba-scrubbing pro kids on 250Fs and 450s. Literally, people pull off the track and ask who that Number 7 guy is on a 2-stroke.

I just shake my head and look at my new EFI bike and want to kick it. I thought it was the bike and new technology and all that crap, but itís not the bike, itís the rider. This is all a conspiracy to keep spending more money to have the best stuff. Well itís workingÖ So if youíre on a budget, do yourself a favor and buy a brand new 250 2-stroke. Guaranteed youíll have more fun and go just as fast, if not faster, than your buddy at the track for half the price! If I were competing in the amateur Lites class it would be a no-brainer to choose the 250 2-stroke.Ē

It is really telling to hear the different opinions on the two-stroke vs. four stroke. At times it seems that better riders prefer the two stroke, could that be the biggest reason for the so-called four stroke revolution? Twice the displacement, easier to ride?

To read the complete shootout please click on this link