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The 125cc Two Stroke Dream Race at Washougal MX Park

by Charles Owens on 08/25/2012


SATURDAY September 15th(optional)

125cc Dream Race Extra Pre Practice Only. ( get that jetting done)

Class is $30 ( Practice day starts at 9am)

125 Dream Race Show and Shine @ 6pm (infield) Prizes

125 Dream Race Press Conference Show @7pm (infield all media welcome) Meet who is behind the race and the future for the event.  Also special guest interviews.

SUNDAY September 16th

Date: September 16th, 2012

Location: Washougal MX Park

Gates Open: 6:30am

Admission: $10/person

Camping Sat. Night $10

Sign Up: 7am – Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Race Entry: $30.00/person

Practice: 8am

125 Dream Race Classes:  125 Master A/B   125 Novice D/C

40 riders qualify for each class for main event.  2 riders out of each LCQ to that classes Main Event for 42 rider Main.  If less than 42 riders sign up we will run a two moto format.

Qualifying or 1st Moto will be after practice.  Main Event or Moto 2 will be in the afternoon.

After moto’s will be the podium celebration.

$150 Dream Race Gas Card for 1st in 125 Master

$150 Dream Race Gas Card for 1st in 125 Novice

Top 3 in both classes will trophy and spend time on the podium/ Media interviews.

$200 Dream Race Lottery winner.  (every rider that signs up for the 125 Dream Race will be put into the pot)


AMA Racing Rule Book used (excluding 125cc rule)

125cc OEM Bikes ONLY for 125 Dream Race classes.

125cc to 150cc legal.  (Real men ride a 125cc stock bore bike)

Vintage 125s Welcome.

Black backgrounds and white numbers.

Every rider must have a mechanic and pit board and participate in the mechanics area. (not strictly enforced but encouraged)

Every Bike will have to go through TECH inspection.

125 Dream Race Event Sticker MUST be at top center of front number plate.

$10,000 Claiming Rule for any bike in the 125 Dream Race. (not really but yeah I will take $10,000 for it)

Have Fun Racing a 125 with everyone or you will be BLACK FLAGGED and receive DNRTDR (did not race the dream race)

Washougal Classes: See website for details on classes and all other information