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Service Honda 500AFX – Black Edition Photo Gallery

by Charles Owens on 07/10/2012

Service Honda puts together some amazing conversions. This is one of them.

A bike becomes a legend by dominating the competition in every motocross and off road situation. The Service Honda 500AFX adds another chapter to the legend that is the Service Honda 500AFX. The 500AF utilizes a 4th generation chassis, refined suspension and an aggressive look. The 500AF combines the fierce power of the CR500 engine and the advanced features of the latest chassis resulting in the most powerful and versatile off road motorcycle today. The 500AFX’s unique combination of unequaled power, nimble handling, stability and durability makes it ideally suited to a wide variety of riding conditions. Roosting your buddies in the dunes, blasting through the desert, cutting through challenging trails or punishing berms at the local motocross track, the 500AFX performs flawlessly in all conditions.