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2013 Kawasaki KX Minis – 65, 85 & 100cc

by Charles Owens on 05/25/2012

2013 KX 65 Specs

When kids watch their favorite pro motocross rider tear around the nation’s tracks, they often dream of doing so themselves. Kawasaki’s compact KX™65, with its powerful two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes and long travel suspension provides just the ammunition to help them make the grade as a young racer getting a first taste of competitive riding.

2013 KX 85 Specs

When the time comes for every budding motocross racer to decide that being a winner is why he or she races, then the next step is obvious. Throwing a leg over the KX™ 85 not only carries Kawasaki’s motocross heritage with it, but speaks volumes about how serious the racer is about taking the checkered flag.

2013 KX 100 Specs

As motocross racers begin to transition from the mini categories into full-sized competition, the KX™100 provides the ride that will both enhance and simplify this often-times difficult move. Engineered to help adolescent riders as they see both their skills and their physical presence changing, the KX100 lets them focus all of their attention on refining their own capabilities.

Hopefully Kawasaki will bring back the KX 125/250 soon!