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We Test the TM Racing 2012 300MX and 300EN

by Charles Owens on 05/22/2012

Last weekend we headed to Budd’s Creek with our team riders to test the 300?s. We receive questions all the time about the Italian bikes, now we can give some answers.

Overall opinions:

The TM’s are very well-built machines, top-notch construction and components. They offer many options and billet parts straight from the factory, which means less upgrading to do once you get it home. TM is making a huge push to make these bikes and parts available to everyone. We always hear people say they would love to have one, but they are not sure about parts availability. No worries, anything you need is a click or a phone call away.

TM 300MX

The 300MX is a great all-around Moto weapon. The 300cc Two Stroke engine offered a wide powerband and lots of top end for a larger bore. It also comes with an ignition map switch to allow each rider a choice for power delivery. The suspension was a little stiff for our guys, after some clicker adjustments it was soaking up the bumps much better. The brakes were amazing, offering plenty of stopping power with no fading. The hydraulic clutch worked flawlessly all day with minimal effort. The bike was very easy to move around on, the seat was a little stiff but that allowed easier movement to get closer to the tank when needed. If you’re looking for a great all around MX ride with superior quality and attention to detail, this may be the bike for you!

TM 300EN

The TM 300 Enduro, like the MX was a beautiful machine. Offering the same great ride as the MX version, but it comes with a wide-ratio transmission and an 18? rear wheel.(We tested using a 19?)

The only complaint our guys had about this bike was the soft rear suspension on the MX track. No surprise there, it is built to blast through the woods and soak up log’s, rocks and other natural terrain. The ignition map switch is like night and day for power delivery. One setting you can lug it around with plenty of bottom to mid power, flip the switch and you have instant access to all the top end you could ever need. Since we tested it out of its natural environment our guys said they had to shift a lot to keep it in the “sweet spot” due to different transmission ratio’s than the MX model. The EN shares most features with the MX, including the hydraulic clutch and exceptional brakes and components. The 300EN has moved to the top of TSM’s list as the Ultimate Woods Weapon.

From the Marzocchi forks to the available Ohlins rear shock, TM offers quality components in a hand crafted Italian MX package. The TM’s cost a little more to purchase than the Jap bikes, BUT you get a whole lot more bike for the money.

The TM’s are out of the box race ready and include all the billet goodies you could easily spend thousands on for another bike. The only thing we would do to these bikes would be a suspension re-valve/spring for your weight and riding ability.

TM 300 MX/EN Photo Gallery

Here is a few short video clips from our testing:

Thanks to Mike Soudas at Cycle Playground for making this happen!