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Red Bull City Scramble 2012

by Charles Owens on 04/02/2012

Online community [TSM] warmly acknowledges the strong presence of two-stroke bikes ridden by competitors in the Red Bull City Scramble 2012 endurocross event.


“It’s always good to see plenty of two-strokes dominating the points tables and TV screens, especially in such a widely publicised, global event,” said TSM owner Charles Owens.


“We understand close to half, if not more, of the bikes ridden in the event were two-stroke models,” he said.


Riders from across the world competed in the endurocross event on April 1, which was last held in Auckland almost three years ago.


Endurocross is a unique form of off-road motorcycle racing that mixes traditional motocross racing with elements from enduro racing events.


Riders navigate their way through a course featuring obstacles such as boulders, tyres, logs, shipping containers and water hazards.


“The two-strokes were alive and well that day; the minute you walked in the gate you could hear them and smell them very clearly,” said TSM public relations spokesman Paul Savage.


“Red Bull and everyone involved in the event put on a great show. It’s fantastic to see a well-known, international event held right here in Auckland,” Mr Savage said.

Thanks to TSM’s Guest Editor, Paul Savage for the content.

1st Graham Jarvis, 2nd Paul Bolton, 3rd Chris Birch


Red Bull City Scramble Results
1st Graham Jarvis (UK)
2nd Paul Bolton (UK)
3rd Chris Birch (NZ)
4th Andreas Lettenbichler (GER)
5th Jake Whitaker (NZ)
6th Mitchell Nield (NZ)
7th Chris Power (NZ)
8th Warren Laugesen (NZ)
9th Scott Bouverie (SA)
10th Karl Power (NZ)