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Smith and Renner – Smokin’ in Daytona

by Charles Owens on 03/13/2012

Over the weekend Ryan Smith and Ricky Renner took on the challenge of attempting to qualify for Daytona SX. On their two strokes. Renner on a YZ 125 and Ryan Smith on a borrowed, bone stock YZ 250.

How did they do? Renner managed to qualify for the night show in 22nd place. Out of 60+ 250f’s that showed up. During his heat race he was holding down 8th place, until a mechanical problem took him out. I have heard people saying “That’s what he get’s for riding a 2 Stroke”. How about this.. Roughly 25 bikes DNS or DNF, guess what 24 of them were.. Here’s the best one I’ve heard.. “He was running an Athena 144 kit, he had an unfair advantage” Haha ok. Still being over 100cc’s down is completely unfair, what was I thinking? Whatever he was running between the cases, he rode it like a beast and he gets huge props from us for that. Fun Fact: His qualifing time was faster than  18+ of the 450?s that made it to the night show. Yes.. 450?s.

Ricky Renner


Ryan Smith, a local from here in Virginia loaded up and headed to Florida as well. He was on a borrowed, stock YZ 250.

Smith finished qualifying in 38th. Conditions for the heat race were poor, finishing in 15th place. Lining up for the LCQ conditions didn’t look good. Downed riders from the heat and poor track conditions allowed him to finish in 10th, with no goggles, gloves and a missing clutch lever.

Ryan Smith

Hopefully this will open some eyes as to what is really required in Pro MX/SX. You don’t need a $50k four stroke, when a $5,000 YZ works just fine. Just add skill.

*Update – TSM is pleased to support Ricky Renner for New Orleans SX! Donations can be made below. Help us Help him!