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World’s Fastest Dirt Bike

by JohnNicholas on 12/01/2008

There is No Stopping the Cardboard Robot KX500

The Cardboard Robot KX500 is the World’s Fastest Dirt Bike! On September 6th, Kevin Kilkenny exited the timed mile at the Bonneville Salt Flats, USA at 130.418 miles per hour. He turned the bike around and rode back across the same stretch of real estate at 132.444 m.p.h. Setting a new record average of 131.431 m.p.h. and raising the AMA National 500cc MPS/P motorcycle speed record nearly ten miles an hour.

Cardboard Robot Team. Left to right Tara Bogart, Mark Wolbrink, Kevin Kilkenny, Pat Kilkenny. Photo by Tara Bogart / GingerSnaps

Seven days earlier, Wolbrink Race had pulled out of Milwaukee in an emptied out work van. We had a great race bike, a crate of Spectro Oils pre-mix, a couple pounds of Fuel coffee and the chance to run down a big time, energy drink pro!

We unloaded the #471 MX bike first, Kevin and Pat found the fire in the big single and we sent the hefty guy down the salt on the tall bike. Mark Wolbrink took a couple passes before recording a solid 117.529 miles per hour. For now, the great Rob Bush’s top speed of 124 m.p.h. on a production 1981 KTM 495 is still safe. We took off the big MX plastic and put on the fast bodywork for Kevin.

Kevin gets a pep talk from Mark. Photo by Tara Bogart / GingerSnaps

When Kevin’s first run down the salt beat the previous AMA record, we knew we were in the hunt! The guys from F2 Racing, however, had brought two bikes and their fast bike was booking runs in the tall 120’s right from the beginning. It took us nearly the rest of the week to find that last half a mile per hour and take the outright record for the World’s Fastest Dirt Bike!

Photo by Tara Bogart / GingerSnaps

Through six days of running out the bike at WFO, our engine ran great and pulled hard! All the guys at KX5 Power by Stewart did a great job and we are looking forward to seeing what they are going to come up with for us next year. Stewart actively posts and can be reached directly at

On the very last day, we stripped off the bodywork from the front of the bike and Mark took a couple of runs to set a non-faired record of 123.411 m.p.h. When it was all done and we were driving back home; Kevin and Mark had each set AMA national records, we had the fastest 500cc sit-on bike at the event and the Cardboard Robot KX500 is in fact the World’s Fastest Dirt Bike.

Here is a cool on-line video of Kevin and the #3500 bike.


Photos from the salt, additional videos, all of the week’s the gory details and links to our team members are at

“…. and remember, if you can’t catch um you can’t stop um,” R.D.

The Cardboard Robot KX500 is a team effort! Thank you Spectro Oils, KX5 Power by Stewart, Adam Bomb Gallerie, Rick Goldberg, Glenn Curtiss Motorsports, Airtech Streamlining, Boca Bearing, Quester Racing, SuperMoto Racer Magazine, Street Graphix, Jack Kainz, Motosports Factory, Joe’s Custom Cables, Fuel Café, The Shop, Scooter Grubb Photos, WFO Racing, Rebel Gears, A&A Racing, GingerSnaps and Independent Environmental.

The tired and happy team. Photo by Tara Bogart / GingerSnaps