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Two Strokes are taking over the town – FMX Jam 2

by Charles Owens on 02/22/2012



Palmerston North, the time has come – in just over 48 hours the sound of two-stroke engines will fill the air when the freestyle motocross event FMX Jam 2 arrives in town.

“ [TSM] is thrilled to see world-famous Kiwi riders performing for the crowd on two-stroke bikes,” says TSM owner Charles Owens.

“In a era of truly impressive four-stroke engineering, the two-stroke engine has never been more alive,” Mr Owens says.

For its weight, the two-stroke is the fastest and most powerful motocross engine ever built.

Characterised by their distinctive sound, formidable power-to-weight ratio and unmistakable smell of oil and petrol fumes, two-stroke engines remain a force to be reckoned with on the global freestyle motocross scene.

“The American Motorcyclist Association [AMA] rules and bike manufacturers’ trends have had an influence on the popularity of two-strokes on the supercross racing scene over the past 10 years,” says TSM public relations spokesman Paul Savage.

“In freestyle motocross the two-stroke engine remains as dominant as ever before,” he says.

Presented by Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle’s Metal Mulisha, the FMX Jam 2 event features riders Truman Carroll, Nick Franklin, Mitch McHardy, Jason White and internationally-famous Palmerston North rider Levi Sherwood.

Franklin, Carroll and Sherwood are set to compete in the event on Yamaha and KTM two-stroke bikes.

Sherwood has competed at the Summer X-Games in Los Angeles, California and ridden with the world-renowned Red Bull X-Fighters.

“TSM wishes riders and spectators a safe and enjoyable day at the FMX Jam 2,” Mr Savage says.

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What:               FMX Jam 2

When:              Saturday, February 25, 3pm

Where:             The Square, Palmerston North

Cost:                Free admission


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