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2012 TM Racing Introduction

by Charles Owens on 11/07/2011

For 2012 the big news on the 2-Stroke front is the revised 125cc engine which features a new cylinder and cylinder head with an electronically controlled powervalve, the new powervalve system is operated by a servo that is monitored and controlled by the CDI. This enables the powervalve timing to be more precise to the rpm inturn allowing it’s performance to be maximised. The 125cc engine also features a revised piston, new ignition programming and the new lighter gearbox selector barrel and matching selector forks.

The 144cc engine receives only minor changes in the form of a new piston, revised ignition mapping and fuelling, the new gearbox components feature also.

For 2012 the 250cc engine has only a minor modification to the cylinder skirt for 2012 and some small cylinder head revisions, again the new gearbox selector barrel and forks feature as do some small changes to carburetion and ignition as well as some modifications to the clutch pressure plate and plate material.

The 300cc engine, which recieved a new cylinder and cylinder head in 2011, has only some minor changes, the already powerful, torque laden and very user friendly powerplant has had some minor measurement revisions to the 2011 cylinder and head. This engine will also receive the new gearbox selector barrel and forks as well as the revised clutch pressure plate.

All Enduro 2-Stroke models will again feature the new Kokusan Ignition with the built in lighting generator which eliminates the need for the ACG on the crankshaft, this increases throttle response and lessens engine vibration.


For 2012 the big news is the arrival of a new 85cc machine, the new machine will feature an aluminium chassis, like it’s larger siblings, matched to an aluminium sub-frame, it will have new bodywork in the form of the larger machines and will of course still feature TM Racing’s incredible 85cc powerplant. This model is unfortunately behind schedule due to material supply and will be available some time in the new year.

All full size models will recieve a new decal package, a new front fender design, a new headlight assembly and new speedometer unit on Enduro and road machines as well as some smaller details such as a new sprocket guard design, revisions in sprocket sizing and some revised fixings. The 2011 changes are still kept and this included a new swinging arm design and new chain guide, a new frame and engine plate protection system and the ‘factory’ Brembo clutch master cylinder which is now fitted to all models in the range, this increases clutch feel and reliability. New suspension settings have been tested for 2012, adapted and now implemented into the forks and shocks, spring rates, valving, oil compound and quantities have been tailored specifically to the model and it’s application for both forks and shock, this has been designed to aid both the comfort and handling at a varying range of speeds, suspension settings for EN machines will of course be softer than the MX equivalent.There is also the option of a new shock absorber design, tested and manufactured in-house by TM Racing which features a billet body and high quality internals.

For 2012 the high specification quality components will remain as normal and will feature, Marzocchi Twin chamber forks, Ohlins / TM Racing shocks, Billet machined aluminium hubs laced to anodised Excel rims, Billet machined aluminium triple clamps, Hydraulic clutches, HGS exhaust systems, Oversize taper bars, quality fixings and fastenings and of course hand finished and assembled engines.

Engines feature include:..billet machined crankshafts, billet machined con-rods, high quality forged pistons, high grade titanium valves, copper beryllium valve seats, V-Force reed blocks, downdraught fuel injection and hand finished castings for better matching and improved flow. It is the combination of these quality components and the care taken to finish and hand assemble these engines that allow all TM machines to perform at the highest level in production trim.