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by Charles Owens on 05/19/2011

(1) The KTM 125SX will return to the KTM line-up. It had been dropped several years ago when the 150SX was introduced. Now, KTM believes that the revitalized interest will fuel an increase in 125cc sales.

(2) KTMís 150SX is an iconic machine that has found favor with everything from young riders coming to the minicycle class to older riders looking for a fun bike to race.

(3) KTMís omnipotent 250SX already makes the most horsepower of any 250cc two-stroke made, but now ill benefit, along with the 125SX and 150SX, from the development work on the 250SXF, 350SXF and 450SXF four-strokes frames. The 2012 two-strokes will get KTMís rising rate linkage, new swingarm, upgraded plastic, engine mods and new graphics.

2012 KTM 125SX

2012 KTM 150SX

2012 KTM 250SX


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