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Georgia Mud and Midnite Pit builds

by Charles Owens on 03/24/2011

So what does it take to be a competitor in Motocross?  Patience, Skill, and Determination.

 Some things in motocross, just like life, are unexpected.  You could be riding on the track and smoking all the 4strokes then just like that, your bike wont shift into gear.  That’s what happened this past weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park, for Jeremy Wendelken.  During practice on Saturday, Jeremy’s gears on his YZ250 went out and it seemed as though racing the following day was out of the question.  On a hope and a wish, Jeremy put a call in to Jarman’s Sportcycles.  In the late evening hours, Jeremy’s father, Rick, came rolling back into camp with a brand new 2011 YZ250.  Charles immediately sprang into action, pulling parts from the old to switch to the new.  TSM was determined to have its rider and bike track-ready for the following morning.  Working till well after midnite, the whole crew pitched in to make the new YZ race ready.  TSM must have did something right! Right off the line, during Jeremy’s first holeshot, the bike did not want to stay down.  The power was intense and Jeremy’s skill really kicked in as he made his way around the track.  Thru out the day, Jeremy broke the new bike in hard and fast, never once letting up off the accelerator.  Ending the day with 1 first place finish and 3 second place finishes, Jeremy and TSM had an awesome day of racing.  TSM would like to thank everyone that helped keep Jeremy on the track last weekend.  With a special thanks going to Don Mclaughlin for his help and use of tools.  And a HUGE thanks to Mr. Jarman sending the new bike out, straight off his showroom floor.

And then there are not so happy endings… 

Jeremy was lucky enough to have his mishap the day before the race.  But Harley Elliot, like so many other riders, wasn’t so lucky.  During his race in Elberton, Georgia, Harley had a bit of a rough go.  After a long ride out to the race he was greeted by that lovely and muddy Georgia red clay.  The mud would prove to be Harley’s greatest competitor that day.  After stalling on flat land, Harley went to go start his 2stroke back up and…well let’s just say the mud decided to eat his kick starter for lunch.  Harley sat on the back end of an enduro track for a better part of the race, and still managed to come in 7th in his class.  And thanks to a track photographer, Harley made it out of the woods.  Better luck next time Harley.  TSM is proud of your endurance and this is just a reminder to all not to let the little things take you out of the game.  Harley will be back racing this weekend at Cookson Creek to hopefully make up for his muddy downtime.

Lost Kick Starter

TSM knows all too well the hassle of waiting on parts.  And then once you get the parts, you still have to put everything back together.  Well this past weekend, TSM’s Northwest Rider, Andrew Cameron was busy slaving over his bike to get it into race condition.  Andrew and his YZ spent some quality time together doing a top end rebuild.  After finishing his labor of love, he then did some editing for TSM and put together a SICK video of his fellow teammate, Jeremy, riding.  It’s really great to see all of our team pull together to make TSM the best it can be.  Make sure to check out Andrew’s video under our forum along with all of his other awesome creations on YOUTUBE.

Again, TSM would like to thank everyone that helped out our riders this past weekend.  Without a great team and great friends, our achievements wouldn’t be possible.  Thank you!!!!!

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