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TSM – The next generation

by TSMgirl on 03/17/2011

Move over Bubba Stewart. Get out the way, Ryan V. You guys hear those two-strokes closing in on you? Our TSM Family is growing! Under our Racer Profiles, in our forum, we have 3 promising riders making their way through all the 4-strokes and making TSM proud. In case you haven’t read up on these boys, we will give you the run-down.
First up is #721, ANDREW CAMERON. Beginning at age 5 on a pw50, Andrew has been moving up the ranks and his bike size. Now at age 16 and on a YZ125 his clutch and bike control are phenomenal. He races in the Northwest Region of the U.S. and posts up some sweet riding times. And let me tell you, This kid does it all. Not only is Andrew a rider for TSM, he is also TSM’s A/V Editor. His vid’s are like his riding, VISCIOUS! He has taken his two passions of riding and film producing and smashed it all together to create videos that stir emotions while watching. We hope to see great things in the future from Andrew, both on and off the track. Definitely check out Andrew’s videos and his rider updates under our forum!

Andrew Cameron #721

Next up, #594, Harley Elliot. Coming out of this past weekend with two more podium wins, Harley is on fire. Racing two series, he is 2nd in points in SORCS and has a commendable lead in the Tri-State Arenacross series. Standing at 6’0 and 180lbs at just 16 years old, he can throw his KTM 250sx around the track with ease and speed. In just the 4 short years he has been riding, Harley has acquired the attention from such sponsors as FMF, Acerbis, and of course TSM. If you happen to be in the Georgia area where Harley hails from, be sure to check this kid out.

Harley Elliot #594

This past weekend TSM packed up and headed out to Budds Creek to support our last rider rounding out the TSM Trinity, #72 Jeremy Wendelken. To say Jeremy is good is an understatement. He exuberates strength, speed, and determination when he climbs on his YZ250 at just 15 years old. Riding in both the 250A class and 450A, Jeremy rules the track with his precision riding and killer cornering. Jeremy’s family has roots in racing, with his inspiration coming from his father Rick, who also raced the #72 and got Jeremy started at 6 years old. With a ton of wins under his belt, you would be surprised to find that his motor is still stock and this kid is still posting up some wicked ride times. Jeremy is spending his week at the TSM Headquarters getting his bike tweeked in preparation for his next victories at VMP this weekend. Come check him out!

Jeremy Wendelken #72

Good things are coming from this awesome team….watch out 4-strokes….TSM is coming thru.