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And So It Begins

by TSMgirl on 02/23/2011

Our first poll is up under our forum!   Pretty basic to start with, but without it you wouldn’t have much to ride on.  A color needs to be chosen for the frame.  Your choices will be Red, Black, White, or Silver.  The frame will be powdercoated the most voted upon color, courtesy of Power Play Motorsports.  Just a few reminders:  You must sign up for our forum to be eligible to vote and You will only be allowed to vote once.  Polls will be posted on Wednesdays and running till Sunday.  The results of the Polls will be posted on Mondays in the forum. Happy Voting!    Vote Here.

     TSM has been abuzz with some exciting news!  TSM has teamed up with Eric Gorr and his company Forward Motion  to make this worn out 125, a 144 work of art.  In case you’ve been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with the talented Mr. Gorr, he is the author of the Motocross & Off-Road Performance Handbooks as well as several specialized publications.  I’ve even heard some refer to him as a God.  I would highly suggest checking out the bike build Eric teamed up with Service Honda on,  So, it looks like we have a motor!

                DEP Pipes has stepped in as a bike sponsor with the donation of a complete exhaust for the YZ, a big thank you goes out to them!  Also MXBONZ.COM will be donating a holeshot device, misc. hardware, and carb accessories. Please show some support and check out their website.

                So, the demo work has begun.  The bike is being torn down and soon the frame will be ready for powdercoating, with the poll winning color.  By the week’s end the engine will be sent off to Wisconsin so The Master can put his touch on the project.  Make sure to check out our photo gallery under TSM RACING on the forum to see how this ugly, spray-painted toss-away is being transformed into TSM’s bad ass bike build.  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant build updates.    

If you, or your company is interested in sponsoring this project. Click Here.